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Projects, Tests, and (Even More) Statistics

Projects, Tests, and Statistics

Battleground: Payments

Testing Automation: A New Imperative

It’s Time to Put Your ATM Lab into the Cloud Part 2

It’s Time to Put Your ATM Lab into the Cloud

It’s Time to Move Your Payments Testing to the Cloud: Part Two

It’s Time to Move Your Payments Testing to the Cloud: Part One

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Payment Testing Capabilities

Expect the Unexpected – What Have We Learned In 2020

Performance Testing: Why You Need MORE Stress in Your Life

Remote Testing: Optimize Your Payments and ATM Testing Environment

Automating and Streamlining the Test Execution Process

Payments Testing: 4 Considerations for These Challenging Times

The Hybrid Workforce: 6 Fundamentals for Managing Your Team(s)

How Contactless Demand Impacts the Payments Industry

Contactless Payments: A Touchy Subject

The Pandemic Shows a Need for Better Payment Testing

Business Continuity Planning: Scared + Prepared = Spared

Test & Code Podcast: Testing in Financial Services

What Business Continuity Means During and After COVID-19

Operational Resiliency: 4 Key Requirements for Your Business Continuity Plan

The Drive to Agile and DevOps: Why Continuous Testing is a Must [Part Three]

The Drive to Agile and DevOps: Why Continuous Testing is a Must [Part Two]

The Drive to Agile and DevOps: Why Continuous Testing is a Must [Part One]

To Survive, Payment Firms Need to Tip the Scales

Windows 10 ATM Migration: Optimize Your Testing Environment

Windows 10 ATM Migration: Automate Everything

Money20/20 Recap: Navigating the Future

Windows 10 ATM Migration: Build a Solid Foundation

Windows 10 ATM Migration: A Checklist for Success

ATM Suppliers Dish As Windows 7 Deadline Draws Near

Update on Payments Trends in 2019 and an Early Look at 2020

Web FASTest: Payment Testing Demands Faster Releases

DN Intersect 2019 Recap: Built for More

Paragon Application Systems Enhances Its Next Generation Web FASTest Platform

DN Intersect 2019: Something More

ATM Operators' Focus on 'Day to Day' Puts Windows 10 Migration in Jeopardy

Contactless cash cards and the future of ATMs

ACI Exchange 2019: Testing What's Next

State-of-the-Art Testing: The First Line of Defense Against Fraudsters

CIAB FEBRABAN 2019: A World Away

Virtualized ATM Testing: The Time is Now

Paragon Application Systems Enhances Its VirtualATM Solution

Recognizing the Value of Customer Relationships

Celebrating 25 Years: Paragon's 4 Cornerstones

Paragon Application Systems Experiences Significant Momentum in its 25th Year

What Banks Can Learn From TSB’s £105.4 Million Outage

Personal Banking Experience: A Test in Patience

ATMIA US 2019 Recap

ATMIA US 2019: The Future of ATMs

Australia's Interchange Cut Pressures Issuers to Get Experience Right

Testing: A Critical Component of Digital Transformation

2019 Payments Testing Forecast

Payments Testing 2018: Year in Review

Putting Modern Payment Technologies to the Test

Financial Services in Turmoil: Who Can We Trust?

Why Partnerships Matter in Payments Testing

Paragon Application Systems Signs NYMBUS®

How to Take Control of Your Payments Testing Environment

Staying Connected is a "NonStop" Proposition for the Payments Industry

Optimize Your Time With Automated Testing

Money20/20: What Really Matters

Payments Industry Conferences: Testing Is Always on the Agenda

Employee Ghosting: Another Case for Automating Payments Testing

Payments Testing Center of Excellence: Size Does Not Matter

How Your Organization Can Withstand the TEST of Time

TAGxPIX 2018 Recap: 3 Ways to Improve Payment Industry Efficiency

TAGxPIX 2018: Cooperation is King

Payments Testing: Manual Labor vs Automation

Payments Testing: Using the Right Tools

Payments Testing: Future Possibilities

More ATM Industry Turmoil: Diebold Nixdorf in the Crosshairs

Visa's Outage Shows the Value of Modern Quality Assurance

ATM 3.0: Time for Real Change

Testing Center of Excellence: A Mission (Not So) Impossible for Financial Institutions

How I Came to Understand Agile and DevOps: A Journey of Discovery [Part 2]

How I Came to Understand Agile and DevOps: A Journey of Discovery [Part 1]

Paragon Named ATMIA's Member of the Month for July 2018

The Key to Dealing with Rapid Change: Test Automation

A Strategic Approach to Payments Testing: Why You Need One Now

Modern Payments Calls for Modern Testing Strategies

Outages in the Payments Ecosystem: Keys to Managing Complex Systems

ATM Fault Testing: Leveraging Virtualization Reduces Risk

Next Gen ATMs: Could This Be Your Last Windows Upgrade?

Tick, Tick, Tick: Migrate to Windows 10 and Test Your ATMs Before Time Expires

Payments Innovation Requires Smarter Testing

ATM Testing: The Benefits of Virtualization

AI: A Future That Will Test Us All!

Paragon Contributes to ATMIA’s Next Generation ATM Initiative

What Happened in Vegas Should Not Stay in Vegas: 6 Takeaways From ATMIA US 2018

Face-to-Face at ATMIA 2018: Still the Best Social Media

Virtualization, Not Virtual Reality, Improves Capabilities of ATM Testing

APIs Place Demand on Automated Test Tools: Paragon Responds to Help Banks, Payment Processors & FinTechs

Method in the Madness: A Case for Virtual ATM Testing

Financial Service Providers: The Need for a Culture in Tune with the Need to Transform

In the Digital World, the 7 Advantages of DevOps Are Key to Survival

Mobile Pay Testing Doesn't Belong on the Back Burner

Bitcoin and Blockchain: Financial Services Phenom or Meltdown in the Making?

Protecting the Brand: Financial Institutions Turn to Paragon to Automate Product Testing to Keep Them Flexible

Payment Security: Where Innovation and Collaboration Meet

Aligning with a FinTech Company: Pros and Cons

Will Traditional Payment Channels Sustain the Digital Transformation?

Payment Testing and Banking Tools for a New Generation

Growth in All Directions Outstripping Ability to Ensure Quality Testing

Automated Testing: It's All About Time and Money

ATMIA Reports on the Future of ATMs: Evolve or Die

Payment Testing Solutions: A Robust UX and System Infrastructure Go Hand-in-Hand

New 'Nano-Segments' Require a More Diverse Payment Strategy

Consumers, Convenience and the Case for Improved Payments Testing

The Demise of Golden Age of Payment Security and What This Means for Big Brands

3 Surefire Ways to Protect Your ATM Network

PSA: March Madness on a Zip Line

Banking Technology: The Disconnect Between FIs and The Customer

Paragon, ICC Solutions Partner to Deliver Next Generation EMV Testing Solutions for Compliance at ATMs and Fuel Pumps

3 Questions with Mark Medlin of Paragon Application Systems

Financial Service Providers: Build a Solid Team to Support the Brand

ATMIA Reports Latest Research on ATM Fraud and Security

Continuous Integration: Replace Waterfalls with Agile Testing

50 Years of ATMS: Lessons of the Past and Vision for the Future

For Complex Innovation Like EMV, 'Customer Preference' Isn't Always a Guide

PSA: The Super Bowl and Mobile Banking

Less Regulation Doesn't Mean Less Payments Testing

Payment Software Testing: A Critical Set for Retailers

Adoption of ATM Innovations will Grow in 2017

Chips Off the Bold Block: America's EMV Compliance Challenges

Paragon Application Systems Extends Capabilities of Web FASTest

Paragon Application Systems Signs FSS as an International Distributor

Paragon Application Systems Deploys Next Generation Testing Strategy with VirtualATM

Three Strategies for Protecting Payment Systems

Get Used to EMV. It's More Than a Passing Fad.