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Test it All, End-to-End!

The speed at which the payment industry is moving, as well as the need to deliver the best consumer experience on every transaction means that End-to-End testing of your payment ecosystem is more important than ever.

End-to-End testing can help verify that your software and systems work correctly from the beginning to the end of a particular payment transaction flow. 


The Benefits of Automated End-to-End Testing

The primary goal of end-to-end testing is to ensure that your payment products and services are always available, secure and easy to use, no matter when or where a consumer chooses to transact. Optimizing your testing operations helps ensure a perfect customer experience on every transaction.

Increased Speed
Automated End-to-End testing greatly increases the speed at which tests can be run, helping to expand test coverage and allowing developers and testers to be more efficient.
Enhanced Collaboration
End-to-End testing helps improve cooperation and communication between groups, teams, even business units - ensuring your payment processes are being tracked and managed effectively.
Superior Customer Experience
Comprehensive End-to-End testing will deliver better results, both faster and more consistently than before - resulting in a superior payment experience for your customers.
Improved Quality
End-to-End testing helps reduce the risk of errors, ensuring that complete test cycles are performed consistently and accurately every time.
Competitive Advantage
The increased speed, improved quality and enterprise level collaboration provided by End-to-End testing will enable your resources to develop and deploy innovative new products and services faster than the competition.
Reduced Costs
Short-term investments in the time and technology required to automate and integrate your testing processes End-to-End will deliver significant long-term ROI.

Want to Know More?

If you’re looking to upgrade your testing capabilities - improving productivity and quality, while at the same time saving money - Paragon has additional resources for you.

Our testing guides provide additional insight and guidance on best practices, including how you can centralize management and control of your testing resources, increase productivity, add automation, improve accuracy, achieve End-to-End testing, plus more.


Connect All the Dots...

Paragon applications like Web FASTest and VirtualATM provide the capabilities, configurability, and connectivity required to conduct full End-to-End testing of your payment systems including: 



  • Dozens of ISO, ATM and custom message specifications
  • Issuer and Acquirer processing, validation and editing
  • Mag stripe, EMV contact and EMV contactless support
  • Centralized management and control
  • Shared access to test cards, data result & reports
  • Individual or shared sandbox environments

For ATM deployers, Web FASTest and VirtualATM work together to provide true end-to-end testing capabilities for the ATM channel, as well as automated regression and performance testing.


How to Achieve Testing Automation - Best Practices

Master the art of testing automation and supercharge your operations. Our free guide unlocks valuable insights on strategic implementation, maximizing benefits, and choosing the right tools.

Download your free copy now and:

  • Learn proven automation strategies
  • Discover people-driven success factors
  • Get expert guidance on tool selection
  • See how automation boosts quality and efficiency

Test Your Payment Systems End-to-End!

Talk to a Paragon product consultant who will ask questions to learn more about your specific End-to-End testing requirements and provide advice and guidance to help you develop an effective strategy.

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