Automating Your Payment Testing: End-to-End

For optimum performance, it’s crucial that your organization evaluates its entire payment processing environment. 

In fact, there are a number of factors that make it important to do this, including the complexity of modern payment systems, the speed at which the payment industry is changing and the need to deliver the best consumer experience on every transaction.

Financial services organizations must test all aspects of their payment systems as effectively as possible.

Paragon Application Systems is here to help you do just that. 

Paragon supports a wide variety of ISO 8583 and 20022 message specifications, as well as ATM and POS device formats, as well as Web Services - all in a single comprehensive platform. 

Web FASTest simulators combine robust standard functional capabilities with configurable options for issuer and acquirer message processing, giving users the flexibility to duplicate, modify and validate message fields down to the bit level.

For ATM deployers, Web FASTest and VirtualATM  work seamlessly together to provide true end-to-end testing capabilities for the ATM channel, as well as automated regression and performance testing.

Published SOAP and RESTful APIs enable integration and interoperability with your other enterprise systems, ensuring you can test the entire transaction path.


In addition to providing out-of-the-box for dozens of online message formats, the optional Web FASTest Virtual Host feature can be configured to route messages between multiple, different connections, run multiple tests at once on a single connection, or automatically determine the appropriate response to any incoming request.

These capabilities make it easy to automate end-to-end transaction flows, so that you can meet your specific processing requirements. It is also possible to integrate your Web FASTest environment with other enterprise systems, including your CI/CD pipeline, via the published APIs.


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