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Paragon serves a range of customers across multiple industries, delivering innovative class testing products and superior customer service to organizations that span the payments industry.

Paragon products deliver the features, flexibility and control required to stay connected, compliant, and competitive in today’s rapidly changing payments landscape.


Card Issuers and Acquirers

Competition for both cardholder accounts and merchant business is fierce, with an increasing number of options and alternatives making it harder than ever to win and maintain profitable relationships. 

Regression testing capabilities are built into Web FASTest, making it easy for our many, long-term financial institution clients to manage both their functional and regression testing, improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of their testing operations.

By turning their testing capabilities into a competitive advantage, these organizations are better able to speed the development of innovative new products and services, while delivering a superior customer experience on every transaction.  



A top 5 international card network was searching for a new testing platform to better manage their certification process, with an overarching goal to reduce onboarding and certification timeframe for clients, while improving service levels.

They needed a solution that could provide their members and staff with 24x7x365 unattended access to the certification environment, where they could easily monitor testing progress and quickly change and deploy test scripts.

The network selected Paragon to develop and deploy their new certification system based on the Web FASTest platform - with the new solution delivering the desired results and far exceeding expectations:

  • New member onboarding and certification times have been reduced  from an average of 6 months down to only several days.
  • Message formatting errors are found and corrected much earlier in the testing process, minimizing rework to save time and effort.
  • The "always available" self-service capabilities of the Paragon solution significantly reduces administrative overhead & improves client satisfaction. 


Paragon’s solutions are utilized by global card brands and networks, leading payment processors, financial institutions and retailers.

Our tools and simulators facilitate the automation of functional, regression, and performance testing, as well as providing “always on” member onboarding and certification capabilities.

One of the largest global merchant processors uses both Paragon Web FASTest and VirtualATM across their enterprise to support internal testing requirements of several hundred staff.

The Paragon applications are also uses to provide self-service testing and certification capabilities to their external members who access a broad portfolio of card products and network protocols.


ATM Fleet Deployers

Changing technology, evolving consumer behavior, intense competition, and budgetary pressures, all mean that the ATM channel continues to operate under extreme pressure.

A large financial institution in North America needed to speed up their ATM testing, streamline their internal processes and integrate more effectively within the enterprise.

In addition to their functional ATM testing, the organization uses the RESTful API capabilities of VirtualATM to interact with their devices programmatically and run thousands of automated ATM transactions every night - ensuring that their sizable fleet is always running at peak efficiency.



Web FASTest offers dozens of off-the-shelf message formats, for regional, national and global payment networks, delivering rapid time to value.

Robust testing capabilities help ensure that network transactions can be processed correctly to achieve the lowest possible interchange rates and minimize chargebacks.

A large US based fuel retailer relies on Web FASTest and its extensive support for global card brands and US regional debit networks to ensure that they maintain the flexibility to process their card transactions with whatever networks make the most financial sense.


Payment Gateways

Web FASTest combines out-of-the-box functionality with configurable options for both Issuer and Acquirer message processing and validation.

Users can edit and validate message fields down to the bit level, either setting specific values or assigning dynamic values using built-in processors and have full access to EMV tag data and calculate cryptograms with built-in encryption logic.

An international payment gateway uses Web FASTest to support issuer and acquiring transaction processing for all of its gateway partners.

They also utilize a set of pre-cert scripts provided by Paragon to conduct comprehensive internal testing and minimize the time, effort, and cost required for the actual certification exercise.


Payment Gateways

In addition to our cloud-enabled payments testing platform that facilitates innovation and rapid development of new products and services, our clients benefit from Paragon’s many years of experience delivering industry-leading test solutions to some of the largest and most sophisticated payment processing organizations in the world.

A Latin American fintech runs Paragon applications in the cloud to help their clients all across the region develop and test new products and services for the consumer marketplace.


Let's Talk about You!

Reach out when you are ready to talk about your specific use cases. Once we understand more about your specific environment and the challenges that you face, we can suggest ways to improve your testing capabilities and increase productivity, improve quality and reduce project delivery times.


What Our Clients Say...


Paragon software allows us to do quicker and more accurate testing.  We can set up as many test scripts as we want and use them multiple times as needed.  We can also easily make updates to our ATM screens and test the entire transaction flow prior to uploading the configuration files to the ATM.

Vice President
Regional Bank A, North America

We can review the ATM configuration flow and exclude all unnecessary states and screens so we don’t load them, which has saved us time and money.  We can also quickly test how numerous response codes are seen on the ATM screen.

Department Head
ATM Processor, Europe

Paragon’s ATMulator helped us quickly develop and implement a new enhanced ATM configuration, and FASTress provided the opportunity for us to determine, prior to production deployment, if our transaction authorization host could meet our processing needs.

Program Manager
Tier One Bank A, North America

Instead of conducting all of our testing directly with member organizations, we use Paragon to simulate and test these interfaces which has significantly reduced our testing time.  The QA team uses Paragon software to execute their test plans and the developers are starting to use the products for their technical tests.

QA Manager
ATM Network Operator, Latin America

Paragon solutions save us time and money by allowing our developers to test changes to our ATM processing at their workstation. Paragon has always been helpful and seems more like a partner than a vendor.

Programming Manager
Regional Bank B, North America

FASTest is a strong product which does as it advertises. It’s easy to use and bulletproof once the transactions are built. We use this application daily and rely on it heavily to run comprehensive regression tests.

QA Manager
Global Merchant Acquirer

We place great value on our relationship with Paragon who has always proven to be responsive to our company's needs!

Vice President
Third Party Processor, North America

Paragon enabled us to significantly reduce the number of test hours with our service provider. As a result, we have cut our outside testing costs and are using our time more efficiently.

Senior Vice President
Regional Bank C, North America

Stress testing is a mandatory requirement for all our mission critical transactional systems.  We chose Paragon because we believe they offered the best quality/price ratio.

Program Manager
Tier One Bank B, North America

By combining our expertise with Paragon’s proven ePayment performance testing solution, we were able to prove our customer’s system capacity in only one month. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions to meet their business objectives and look forward to partnering with Paragon on future engagements. 

Vice President
Kiosk Service Provider, South Asia

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