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The Paragon team has created a number of different resources to highlight key issues facing the payment industry today, as well as provide useful information on best practices for responding to and addressing these challenges.

We also offer brief product summaries that provide additional detail on the features, functions and technical capabilities of our payment testing tools and simulators.

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Testing Automation - Best Practices
ATM Testing in the Cloud - Best Practices
Virtualizing an ATM - Best Practices
Remote ATM Testing - Best Practices
Enterprise Product Sheet
VirtualATM Product Information
VirtualATM Product Information
Enterprise Product Sheet
Web FASTest Product Information
2023 Trends in Payment Testing
2023 Trends in Payment Testing - CEO Perspective

Payment Testing is All We Do!

For more than 30 years we have been providing innovative testing tools and simulators to payment industry leaders across the globe. No matter what challenges you are currently facing, we are here to help. Just reach out and schedule some time to talk.