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Automate Your Certification Testing!

Manually onboarding new clients or certifying members can be time-consuming and expensive.

Your staff must commit time and resources to distribute and monitor tests, answering the same questions from members again and again, and manually tracking the progress of members’ certification testing. 

Unfortunately, a manual certification process is no better for your members, who struggle to determine what updates are required and how to test them, compete for time with your certification analysts, and scramble to book limited certification time slots.

There is a better way, and Paragon is here to help! 

Paragon's Web FASTest solution can be used to offer your members, merchants, issuers, and vendors unattended certification testing 24x7x365, anytime from any location. 

Deploying an automated self-certification platform, specifically designed to address the unique requirements of your organization, can reduce project timeframes from weeks and months to days - improving your time-to-value and increasing customer satisfaction.

Web FASTest runs unattended, providing your members with the required tests and valid test data. Any authorized testers can log into the Web FASTest certification environment via a simple web browser to access and run their required tests. 

Web FASTest will provide the appropriate message responses, validate the test results, and track certification progress - without requiring any interaction between members and your staff.


Benefits of the Web FASTest automated certification testing system include:


The Web FASTest Virtual Host can perform 24x7 unattended, automatic testing, and can track the progress of client/member certification. Custom reporting options match testers and tests by criteria, such as terminal ID or merchant ID, report test counts and progress toward completion, as well as providing printable summary reports.


The Web FASTest Project Dashboard makes it easy to follow the onboarding or certification progress. Your staff can use the Project Dashboard to monitor the status of specific projects, including tests that have been successfully completed, tests that have been run and failed (that need to be re-run), as well as any remaining tests that are required for project completion.

Project managers also get access to detailed test results pages and complete processing traces to determine what occurred in each test.


Deployed at some of the largest, most sophisticated networks and payment processing organizations in the world, Web FASTest provides the features, flexibility and control required for automated, customized, and comprehensive member certification.

With more than 25 years of experience in this area, Paragon leverages its background and knowledge from previous engagements to ensure that we provide an efficient, reliable, and scalable certification environment for your members and clients.


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