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Reduce Certification Times from Months to Days!

Manually onboarding new clients or certifying members can be time-consuming and expensive for all involved. Any unnecessary delays have a significant negative impact on both your time to revenue and member satisfaction.

There is a better way to certify and Paragon is here to help!


The Benefits of Self-Service Testing & Certification

A web-based certification platform, with self-service capabilities can dramatically improve the
experience for all parties and provide a number of significant benefits, including:

Faster Certification Times
Using a simple web browser, members can easily access their required scripts, run tests, check and verify results, as well as track their progress toward completion - significantly reducing the time required to complete the certification process. 
Enhanced Project Management
Tools to define, create and manage member specific projects will greatly simplify the certification process, making it quick and easy for your resources to visually track the progress of every member at a glance.
Superior Customer Experience
Enabling members to access to their specific projects or sandbox environments anytime from anywhere, will provide the flexibility they want and need to manage their business more effectively - greatly increasing customer satisfaction.
Improved Accuracy
A single data store where test plans and information can be easily maintained and updated will improve test accuracy and make it much easier for these details be distributed to members/clients.
Better Operational Control
A centralized database where information on both internal and external roles and permissions are managed will put you in total control of who is doing what at all times.
Reduced Costs
24x7x365 access for self-service testing, pre-defined projects, increased accuracy, and improved productivity all add up to significantly reduce the time and effort required for onboarding and certification.

Interested in More Information?

We have created a Guide to Payment Certification as an additional resource to help you review the importance and benefits of providing a robust, self-service certification platform for your members and clients.


Certify With Paragon

Paragon’s Web FASTest solution is used by global card brands, networks and processors to offer members true 24x7x365, self-service testing and certification capabilities.

Using a simple web browser, users can access their required scripts, run tests, check results, as well as track their progress toward completion - all with minimal interaction from your staff.

You can even provide members with protected sandbox spaces for their internal testing and development.


Time is Money!

A Paragon product consultant can review your specific requirements and discuss ways that we can help automate and streamline your certification processes.

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