Web FASTest

A Web-Based Solution for the Payments Testing You Need

Enterprise-Wide Payments Testing and Certification, Anytime/Anywhere, Through an Internet/Intranet Connection

WebFASTestAs your organization rises to the challenge of addressing new technologies (such as digital and mobile payments) with new methodologies (such as Agile and DevOps), you can benefit exponentially by choosing a single robust web-based solution for all your enterprise payment testing needs.


Automation lets you run more tests in less time, and quickly customize existing tests to extend your test coverage. Cloud-based technology eliminates software distribution issues, provides central control of world-wide user access, makes updating and distributing test cases faster and easier, and eases collaboration between all your testing resources. An API unlocks previously silo-ed testing content for incorporation into your enterprise data integration strategy. Your organization can depend on the Web FASTest platform to deliver the automated payments testing and message verification you need today, and empower your developers and testers to build the tests you need for the future.

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One Platform Supports All Your Payments Testing

Your organization may be dealing with an assortment of several vendor-specific or application-specific test tools, installed in locations scattered across your organization, each requiring specific training and regular software updates. Web FASTest provides the testing you need across your enterprise via one web-based solution. Web FASTest enables automated payments testing: regression testing, functional testing, and stress testing by your QA or development teams; as well as self-certification or network certification testing. Web FASTest can also be used to create clearing and settlement files for testing by your operations staff. Paragon VirtualATM® extends Web FASTest to provide ATM testing using virtualized versions of your open-architecture (XFS) ATMs. Using a single solution offers centralized control of all your user and test data; reduced training and overhead; and provides users with faster, easier access to updated test cases through the web.  

Functional and Flexible

Web FASTest combines significant out of the box functionality with configurable options for both issuer and acquirer message processing and validation. Edit and validate message fields down to the bit level, either setting specific values or assigning dynamic values using built-in processors. Get full access to EMV tag data and calculate cryptograms with built-in encryption logic. Use detailed test results pages, as well as a complete processing trace, to determine what has occurred in each transaction. Modify and re-run individual tests directly from the results pages—simplifying error correction and accelerating testing.

Your Gateway to Continuous Integration Testing

Your Agile developers may be working toward an integrated DevOps environment that includes continuous testing with each software change. Web FASTest is a robust automated testing solution offering an API that eases integration with your other systems. Even if your organization has not moved to continuous integration testing, your developers and testers can still benefit from using Web FASTest to automate many repetitive tasks, enabling your staff to focus on higher-value activities. In both environments, Web FASTest lets you run more tests faster and provides a framework for expanding your testbed for increased test coverage. 

Cloud-Based Testing for Multiple Users at Multiple Sites Simultaneously

No matter if your users are down the hall or across the International Date Line, they can test through an Internet or Intranet connection with Web FASTest. Using Web FASTest virtual cards and terminals, developers and testers can test on-demand, 24/7, without contention for test lab resources.

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User Provisioning for Controlled Data Access

Centralized management of user access, roles and permissions mean you control which resources can view and edit any test data. Your onsite test experts can choose to build generic tests for all users, as well as build customized tests that are accessible only by specific user IDs. Web FASTest Virtual Host offers the ability to match testers and tests by other criteria, such as terminal ID or merchant ID.

Centralized Management that Reduces Complexity and Costs

No software is distributed, installed, or managed at remote sites. Need to add a new transaction or terminal type? Make the changes in Web FASTest once and they are immediately available to all of your users—no need to update dozens of remote PCs. Centralized management and control increase the security, reliability, and validity of your payments testing.

“Conducting bank and client certifications host-to-host with Web FASTest has reduced the time required by our test engineers for customer support. During the certification process banks and clients are able to analyze the results of test cases and identify and correct errors without any significant involvement by the UPC test engineers.”

Vladislav Huzov Head of New Technologies - Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC)

We’ve been very pleased with the Paragon products and their capabilities. So pleased, in fact, that we don’t feel the need to search elsewhere.

Jim Holcomb Systems and Programming - Fiserv, Beaumont

Many ACI technicians and customers find Paragon’s products invaluable for use during testing. When a company consistently provides solid products, stays involved in the industry, and offers exceptional customer service as Paragon does, it’s not surprising when it is successful.

Rick Duvall Principal Business Development Manager - ACI Worldwide

Paragon’s Support team is always available. If I had to rate my experience with Paragon employees and products on a scale from 1 to 5, I’d give them a 5.

Dan Antonescu Program Manager - RBS Bank