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Web FASTest Meets All Your Payment Testing Needs

No matter if your testing resources are down the hall, across the country or spread across the globe, all they need is a simple web browser for anytime, anywhere access to the Web FASTest environment.

Robust out-of-the-box functionality, along with centralized control of user roles, permissions, and data, means that your organization will be able to expand test coverage, improve quality, increase collaboration, and boost productivity.

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Enhance Your Payment Testing Processes


All your resources need is a simple web browser to access the full capabilities of Web FASTest 24x7x365. There is no local software to maintain so your system is always up to date with the latest updates & mandates.


Automated testing means your limited resources can get more tests done in less time, increasing operational efficiency, reducing project delivery timeframes, improving accuracy, expanding test coverage, and promoting innovation.


Web FASTest helps improve cooperation and communication between groups, teams, even business units. Results and reports are easily shared across the organization ensuring end-to-end processes are tracked and managed effectively.


Web FASTest provides full administrative control over user roles and permissions, enabling your resources testers to easily share and data, including test cards, media, results and reports.


Dozens of message specifications for both Issuer or Acquirer processing, full message validation with bit-level editing capabilities, pre-cert scripts and flexible sandbox options provide the tools for testing success.


Web FASTest delivers integrated functional, regression and performance testing capabilities in a single platform with a common UI to minimize overhead and maximize productivity.

Want to Know More?

If you’re looking to optimize your payment testing processes - specifically by using automation to improve testing speed, accuracy, and efficiency - Paragon has created additional resources for you.

Our guides to Payment and ATM testing look at the important concepts and issues of the day, including how your organization can deploy modern tools and simulators in order to benefit from automation and virtualization in your payment testing operations.


Web FASTest Technical Highlights

Bringing functional, regression and performance testing capabilities together into a single platform that can be deployed on-prem or in the cloud, Web FASTest delivers the features, functions, and flexibility to turbocharge your payment testing operations.


  • 24x7 access for unattended testing
  • Simple browser UI (tabs, find, back, etc.)
  • TLS 1.2, TR 31, and TR 34 key blocks
  • Published API
  • Configurable deployment options



  • Issuer and Acquirer message processing
  • EMV contact and contactless
  • Issuer scripts, ARQC, and ARPC processing
  • Functional, regression & pre-cert testing
  • Performance testing (stress, load, etc.)


  • Configurable user roles and permissions
  • Shared access to cards, scripts, results, etc.

  • Individual sandbox environments
  • Project definition and tracking
  • Results archive for review & re-testing



  • Centralized management infrastructure

  • Bit-level editing and validation
  • Flexible automation options
  • Logs & reports for audits & analytics

  • Full system administrator functions


Web FASTest - A complete testing platform!

A Paragon product consultant will take time to understand your current testing challenges - then discuss ways that Web FASTest can be used to address these needs and upgrade your payment testing capabilities.

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