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Automated Testing for Advanced ATMs

Consumers continue to depend on your ATMs for access to cash and other financial services - and you need to make sure that your machines are always up, available and secure.

In the complex and fast-paced world we live in today, it is no longer practical to rely on manual testing techniques to meet the changing needs of your consumers or your business - projects simply take too long and cost too much. It's time to automate and accelerate your ATM testing capabilities with Paragon.

Organizations that automate 75% or more of their testing see a 50% reduction in defect escape rates and a 30% increase in development team productivity.

- Forrester Research

Optimize Your ATM Testing Operations

Want to ensure that your ATMs deliver the highest level of availability, security, and customer satisfaction?

Paragon's VirtualATM solution can deliver a number of significant benefits:


1. Anytime, Anywhere Testing

Paragon’s VirtualATM provides 24x7x365 anytime, anywhere remote testing capabilities to improve collaboration, productivity and accuracy.

3. Flexible Automation Options
VirtualATM provides multiple automation options, including “Record and Playback” of transactions, a data-driven scripting API and automated regression testing.
5. Cloud Enabled
Cloud-based deployment options for VirtualATM provide an opportunity to improve access to testing resources - increasing operational flexibility and reducing infrastructure costs.
2. Robust Functionality

Paragon VirtualATM supports virtualized copies of your ATM applications to help your teams more easily and efficiently test screen flows, user interactions, hardware faults, receipts, etc.

4. Integration Capabilities
Paragon VirtualATM facilitates integration with other enterprise applications and systems, such as lifecycle management tools and CI/CD pipelines.
6. Security
VirtualATM supports full EMV processing for contact and contactless cards, as well as Remote Key Loading, and generation of ATM device faults for negative testing.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re looking to improve your ATM testing capabilities to increase productivity, speed up project deliveries, and improve quality, Paragon has got you covered.

Our Guide to ATM Testing provides additional detail on how virtualization and automation technologies can help deliver a superior customer experience on every transaction, as well as drive additional channel innovation.


Paragon Means ATM Testing

It is critically important that your ATM transactions are processed correctly every second of every day. Paragon VirtualATM provides the features, functionality and flexibility to help achieve this goal.

Better ATM testing improves quality, shortens delivery cycles, reduces costs, fosters collaboration, and increases channel profitability.


Let's Discuss ATM Virtualization & Automation!

A Paragon product consultant can discuss the current state of the ATM industry, as well as the challenges that your organization is facing, then walk you through some of the key features and benefits that our ATM testing products and solutions provide.

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