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We are your most trusted source for payment testing tools & simulators.

For more than 30 years Paragon has been providing innovative solutions to some of the largest and most sophisticated financial services organizations in the world, including banks, card brands, networks, processors, ATM deployers, payment gateways, fintechs and retailers.


Let us know about your most pressing testing challenges and a Paragon product specialist will walk you through our portfolio and look how we can help optimize your payment testing operations:

  • Testing Automation: Payment systems have become too complex and change too quickly for any organization to risk deployments without the extensive use of automated test execution and verification.
  • ATM Testing Optimization: Virtualizing your ATM fleet facilitates 24 x 7 remote access to your test lab, expands test coverage and enables data driven test automation.
  • Certification Systems: Improve time to value by cutting onboarding and certification times for new clients and members from weeks and months to days.
  • End-to-End Testing: Automate end-to-end issuer or acquirer transaction flows, including ISO and ATM messages.
  • Performance Testing: Push your payment systems to the limit so you can identify and resolve issues that could cause a negative consumer experience or system outage.
  • API Integration: Paragon offers published APIs to help integrate your payment testing environment with other enterprise systems, such as a CI/CD pipeline.

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