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Build a Regression Testbed to Speed-up Project Cycles

Creating, scheduling and running automated regression tests is easy with Paragon’s Web FASTest solution. Any functional test can be incorporated into a regression run.

An automated regression testbed can identify problems much earlier in the development cycle, ensuring that new products and features do not introduce flaws into your mission critical payment systems. 


Regression Testing Made Simple

A robust regression testing platform like Web FASTest provides a number of features to speed up project delivery cycles, increase efficiency, and improve quality, including:
1. Easy Reuse of Functional Tests
In Web FASTest, any tests that have been created for functional testing can easily be incorporated into regression test sets.
3. Increased Speed and Accuracy
Regression test sets can contain hundreds or thousands of transactions that can be run with a simple mouse click or be scheduled to run overnight and deliver results in the morning.
5. Enterprise Integration

A published API enables Web FASTest to easily integrate with other enterprise systems, including your CI/CD pipeline.

2. Schedule Regression Tests Anytime

Since no special scripts or set-up is required, regression tests can be scheduled to run after every build, every night or anytime that is appropriate for your organization.

4. Improved Productivity

Since Web FASTest uses the same functional tests that have already been proven to run correctly, no extra set-up time is required to build regression test sets.

6. Return on Investment

Regression testing capabilities are already built right into the Web FASTest platform, with no limit to the number of regression test sets that can be configured or run.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re looking to improve your payment testing processes - including setting up an automated regression testbed - Paragon has created additional resources for you.

Our payment testing guides provide more detail about the things that everyone should consider when looking to upgrade and optimize their testing operations.



Let's Discuss Regression Testing.

A Paragon product specialist will review your current challenges and requirements, then provide guidance on how you can achieve your regression testing goals.

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