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Test Tools and Simulators Built For Your Desktop

Paragon offers a range of desktop tools and simulators designed for smaller organizations who are interested in improving their payment testing capabilities.

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ATMulator Plus

ATMulator Plus allows testers to create states-and-screens configurations, preview ATM screens, and simulate the entire transaction flow from their desktop.

Combining ATM simulation capabilities with the capabilities of ConfigBuilder, ATMulator Plus users can manage state and buffer data, screen images, receipts, and journal data.

The simulator can also be used to record each step in a transaction and play these back to verify the interaction of the state, screen, and FIT entries.


The FASTest simulator provides support for issuer and acquirer processing for supported ISO and non-ISO specifications for testing message flows, transactions, etc.

After each test session, users can view the test details and compare the output with results of previous test runs.

FASTest is designed for smaller organizations requiring a testing solution that runs on a PC or laptop.



The FASTress simulator can generate mixed transaction workloads in order to test network throughput, authorization host processing capacity, and transaction response times.

After testing runs, users can use the FASTress platform to review reports of the test results and access raw test data for further analysis.


Testing on a Smaller Scale

Reach out and schedule a session to speak with a Paragon product specialist to see if one of our PC-based simulators is right for your organization.

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