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Automation is the Answer!

Is the overhead of manual testing slowing down your people and your processes, restricting both growth and innovation?

Automation is the key to unlocking the full potential of your resources & energizing your payment testing operations!

Enabling your teams to be more efficient, more accurate and more productive, you can consistently deliver a superior payment experience on every transaction.


Automation of repetitive testing tasks can free up QA engineers to focus on more complex testing scenarios, leading to a 25% increase in test case coverage and improved overall software quality.

- Capgemini

The Benefits of Testing Automation

Solutions like Web FASTest and VirtualATM that facilitate the broad use of automation within the payments testing environment will help your organization realize a number of significant benefits:

1. Increased Efficiency
Automation complements and enhances your manual testing efforts, enabling teams to run more tests, faster. Automation also provides the opportunity to schedule and run large sets of tests, for things like regression testing, at any time.
3. Expanded Test Coverage
Automating your functional tests will result in an ever expanding library of messages and transactions that can be used and reused as conditions require. The more tests that you can automate, the more coverage you gain.
5. Enhanced Security
The speed, flexibility and accuracy that automation provides will give your teams the extra time they need to ensure your payment systems are secure against external threats and operating at peak efficiency.
7. Reduced Costs

Testing automation will help enhance your corporate bottom line by increasing resource productivity, improving overall product quality, minimizing outages, as well as strengthening customer loyalty and protecting shareholder value. 

2. Improved Accuracy
Automation helps reduce the risk of human error, ensuring that tests are performed consistently and accurately every time - improving the reliability and quality of your payment offerings, minimizing rework, and increasing customer satisfaction.
4. Faster Time-to-Market
Since automated testing increases efficiency, expands test coverage and improves accuracy, your teams will complete projects more quickly and gain valuable time to work on more strategic initiatives, like developing innovative new products and services that consumers want.
6. Flexibility & Scalability
The broad use of automation in payment testing provides both the flexibility and scalability organizations need to quickly respond and adapt to changing corporate priorities, new business opportunities and evolving consumer behavior.
8. Superior Customer Experience

One of the primary goals of testing is to ensure that your payment products, services and systems are always available, secure and ready to provide a superior customer experience, no matter when or where a consumer chooses to transact.

Want to Learn More About Automated Testing?

If you’re looking to optimize your testing operations - increasing efficiency, improving accuracy, reducing project cycles and delivering a superior customer experience on every transaction - Paragon is here to help

We have created additional informational guides that provide more comprehensive details on testing and examine the key concepts that you need to know, including the many ways that you can benefit from using automation.


Smarter, Faster, Better...

Solutions like Web FASTest and VirtualATM provide robust automation capabilities that significantly reduce repetitive and redundant testing, enabling your resources to focus on higher value tasks, such as developing new products and fighting fraud.

Leveraging the benefits of testing automation will allow your organization to deliver better products and services to the market more quickly, with higher quality, and at a lower cost.


Let's Talk about Automation!

A Paragon consultant will review your current testing processes, as well as any issues and challenges you are facing, then suggest ways that automation can be used to improve productivity, increase accuracy and expand test coverage.

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