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Performance Testing Protects Your Customers and Your Brand!

Performance testing is not just about uncovering bugs or finding bottlenecks in your processing environment - it is about ensuring that your products and services work perfectly on every transaction, anytime and anywhere. 

A comprehensive performance testing strategy will enable your organization to consistently deliver a superior payment experience that builds consumer loyalty, driving revenue growth and profitability.

System outages are becoming more expensive, with the majority of all outages now costing companies more than $100,000 per event. The business case for investing more in resiliency is stronger than ever. 

- The Uptime Institute

Are You Prepared for Your Next System Outage?

Paragon Web FASTest allows users to incorporate functional tests, automated regression testing, as well as performance analysis into a single platform that supports a variety of options including:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Endurance testing

Here are some key ways your organization can benefit from incorporating performance analysis capabilities into your testing environment:

1. Reuse of Any Functional Tests
No more need for specialized test scripts to support your performance testing. With Web FASTest, any tests that have been created and used for functional testing can easily be included in performance test sets.
2. Performance Testing Any Time
Since no special scripts or set-up is required, performance tests can be run or scheduled to run anytime that is appropriate for your organization - every day, after every code release, etc.
3. Optimized System Performance
Regular performance testing helps identify potential bottlenecks or system resource limitations so they can be resolved before causing issues or outages that negatively impact your consumers.
4. Maximum System Availability
Integrated performance testing will increase productivity, improve accuracy, and expand test coverage, helping to ensure your systems are reliable and always available.
5. Superior Customer Service
A comprehensive and integrated performance testing strategy will help ensure that you deliver a superior payment experience for every consumer on every transaction.

Interested in Performance Testing?

If you’re looking to upgrade and expand your payment testing capabilities by adding and integrating performance testing into your standard processes, Paragon can help.

We have created additional resources to help you review and consider different issues and aspects of testing that affect the payment industry, including performance testing.


Paragon Means Performance

Web FASTest provides a number of features and benefits that can be used to integrate performance testing into your standard testing processes, helping to more easily identify and correct issues before they result in an outage or cause a negative customer experience.

The Paragon team can help unlock these benefits and position your organization for success in today's highly complex and increasingly competitive payments landscape.


Ready to Talk Availability?

Let a Paragon consultant show you how easy it is to integrate performance testing into your standard processes to help ensure your systems always operate at peak efficiency.

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