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VirtualATM® = Maximum Channel Performance!

Paragon VirtualATM delivers the most complete, accurate and economical way of organizing, managing and automating your ATM testing assets – using virtualized versions of your own ATM applications - and making them available for your testers to use anytime, anywhere.

Streamline and Enhance Your ATM Testing Processes


Free your resources from the constraints of a physical ATM test lab and give them 24x7x365 anytime, anywhere remote testing capabilities - including on-prem or cloud-based deployment options.


Multiple automation options, including “Record and Playback” of transactions, a data-driven scripting API, and regression testing, significantly increase testing speed and bandwidth.


Virtual ATM profiles, including hardware devices, cards and test media, are easily managed, copied or cloned so that each tester can have their own sandbox environment to work in.


Remove testing bottlenecks by easily duplicating, sharing and archiving multiple ATM images for immediate use by your Development, QA and test teams whenever and wherever they are required.


A server-based architecture provides full administrative control over user roles and permissions, enabling testers to share virtual ATMs, and data, including test cards, media, results and reports.


You can quickly and easily manage VirtualATM version updates or distribute new test media and scripts to all users in order to keep your ATM testing operation running at peak efficiency.

Interested in Learning More?

Looking for ways to improve your ATM testing capabilities and deliver a superior customer experience with every transaction? Use the link below to access our guide on ATM testing for more information on how to use virtualization & automation to boost productivity and improve quality.


VirtualATM Technical Highlights

Based on the Web FASTest platform, VirtualATM leverages virtualization, automation, and API technologies to deliver a number of significant functional capabilities that will enhance your ATM testing operations, such as:
  • CEN/XFS-compliant ATMs, ITMs, Kiosks, etc.
  • Cash and check deposit, recycling, etc.

  • Pixel-by-pixel and OCR screen comparison

  • Shared access to test scripts, media, results & reports

  • Detailed XFS message logging & tracing

  • ATM-to-Host comms tracing

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Contact & contactless EMV processing
  • TLS 1.2, RKL, TR 31 and TR 34
  • Simplified testing of ATM device faults
  • Customizable Virtual ATM fascia
  • Multiple automation options
  • RESTful API for programmatic access to virtual ATMs
  • Flexible deployment options, on prem or in the cloud

We Know ATM Testing!

Let's discuss how virtualized copies of your ATM assets will free your resources from the constraints of a physical ATM test lab and gain 24x7x365 anytime, anywhere access to your ATM testing environment. 


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