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Robust & Realistic Simulation of Advanced Function ATMs

VirtualATMYour ATM network operates in a state of continual change spurred by advances in technology, evolving consumer behavior, competition, and significant legal and regulatory pressure. Effectively managing this complexity while remaining competitive requires both a comprehensive strategy and a powerful, flexible and robust platform for ATM testing.   

vATM Intro

Paragon VirtualATM is a Next Generation testing application for XFS-based ATMs (also known as Advanced Function or Open-Architecture ATMs) that uses virtualization to provide your testers with realistic ATM simulation, coupled with automation for faster, more efficient testing. As an extension of Web FASTest, VirtualATM takes advantage of web technology to allow your teams to conduct ATM testing with a virtualized version of any ATM from your fleet, 24x7, from anywhere on the planet. After you build tests in VirtualATM, you can use Web FASTest to execute those tests on demand, while your testers continue to build new tests to expand test coverage. Reduce the cost of maintaining your test lab, minimize contention for resources, and optimize productivity.

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Unparalleled ATM Simulation Using Virtualization

Because VirtualATM uses an ATM profile that originates from a virtualization of your physical ATM, your simulated devices/drivers behave exactly like the physical ATM. Preview your ATM screen displays, receipt layouts, and transaction flows. Run pre-configured ATM device faults with a single click—even faults that are impossible to test without damaging a physical ATM. Quickly configure ATM media (cash stacks, checks, and so on) to test specific conditions (such as a jammed bill in a cash dispenser). Easily switch from testing one brand of ATM to another (Diebold to NCR, for example) without leaving the VirtualATM interface. Use a host proxy to choose between multiple test host systems, without needing to make manual changes in the ATM application.      

Controlled Access to Your Virtualized ATM Resources

ATM profiles, with virtual cards and test media (such as cash and checks), can be cloned so testers can each have their own virtual test lab. Web FASTest enables 24x7 access to your testers, wherever they are located. Web FASTest provides administrative control of test data, so you can set user permissions to selectively enable testers to view, edit, or share ATM profiles and other test data. 

Easier Setup, Workflow—by Design

VirtualATM programmatically handles many aspects of virtual ATM setup and maintenance. Run the Discovery Utility to gather information on XFS services and devices from your physical ATM. Let the simulator use those discoveries to automatically create a customizable fascia (with a display screen, card acceptor, PIN pad, etc.) for your virtual ATM. Use the VM Setup Tool to build a ready-to-connect VM including your virtual ATM profile and all the required Paragon software. Keep your virtual ATMs operating efficiently, immediately available for testing using host proxy connections and detached ATM capabilities. View “live” XFS commands and messages from the VirtualATM trace for an in-depth view of the XFS software stack.

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Faster, More Accurate Testing through Automation

Record transaction segments (for example, recording segments for card selection and PIN entry, transaction selection, and so forth) and use these segments as building blocks to create automated tests. After building your automated tests, you can replay them from VirtualATM, or run them remotely from Web FASTest. Or capture trace messages between VirtualATM and the test host, then import them into Web FASTest as automated tests against your host system. Quickly conduct regression tests for multiple scenarios across your entire ATM network. Reports record test details, including screen and receipt images, and test results (pass/fail).

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