Transform Your ATM Testing with Virtualization

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VirtualATM is an enterprise-level testing and simulation environment for XFS-based ATMs. The solution frees your resources from the constraints of a physical ATM test lab and gives them 24x7 anytime, anywhere remote testing capabilities using exact, virtualized copies of your ATM assets.

Virtualization enhances visibility into your ATM software stack, providing realistic device simulation and flexible automation options for faster, more efficient testing and collaboration. Using the VirtualATM platform, testers can easily preview ATM screens, validate transaction flows and receipts, as well as test ATM device faults and error conditions.

VirtualATM Key Features:

  • Allows users to test your entire ATM software stack against multiple test host systems.
  • Includes support for CEN/XFS Version 3.4, providing greater visibility into XFS commands and messages than is possible when testing with a physical ATM.
  • Provides multiple automation options, including “Record and Playback” of transactions, a data-driven scripting API and automated regression testing.
  • Facilitates easy, efficient testing of ATM device faults and error conditions.
  • Supports Remote Key Load, including testing the certificate-based RKL protocol and generation of TR34-based certificates.
  • Integrates with Web FASTest to provide administrative control over users, roles, and permissions, as well as access to each virtual ATM, test data and test media.

The Next Generation of ATM Testing and Simulation

Paragon enables virtualized ATMs to behave exactly like the physical devices in your test lab. You can easily preview ATM screen displays, receipt layouts, and transaction flows. Testers can run pre-configured ATM device faults with a single click - even faults that are difficult to test without damaging a physical ATM.

Users can easily configure ATM media, like cash stacks or checks, to test specific conditions - such as a jammed bill in a dispenser. Testers can quickly switch from testing one ATM model to another (NCR to Diebold Nixdorf, for example) without leaving the VirtualATM user interface.

ATM profiles, including virtual cards and test media, can be managed and cloned so testers can each have their own workspace. The VirtualATM RESTful API supports Business Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD) methodologies and enables integration with other enterprise systems, such as a CI/CD pipeline.

Scripting API

The VirtualATM RESTful API enables direct, programmatic control of virtualized ATMs. External applications can use the fully documented API to drive virtualized ATM images by executing commands to virtually “press” buttons or FDKs, insert and retrieve media or change encryption keys, as well as manage and test various device fault and error conditions down to the bit level.

Pause and Resume Testing as Needed

VirtualATM allows users to pause testing with a virtualized ATM and leave the ATM “detached” and running while they work on other daily tasks.

When the user is ready to resume testing, the virtual ATM is immediately ready for use and in the same state that it was in when paused. This means your testers won’t have to wait for an extended period while the ATM restarts.

Intelligent Connections

The VirtualATM Host Proxy feature gives users greater control of, and visibility into, the messaging between their virtual ATMs and test host systems. Users can quickly and easily connect or switch any ATM between different test hosts without changing the IP address in the ATM application or restarting the device.

VirtualATM User Stories

Paragon is responsive to our needs. They offered us technical analysis and design services, software development capabilities, and on-site testing and migration assistance. They became key members of our team.
Tier One Bank, North America
Paragon Customer Support is great! When I have a problem your team goes out of their way to resolve it.
Software Developer
Global Transaction Processor
All of the Paragon people, from sales to training to technical support, have been great to work with.
Vice President Information Technology
Regional Bank, North America

Our Products

Paragon's product portfolio includes server-based and cloud-enabled solutions designed for large-scale implementations, as well as desktop applications suitable for smaller deployments.