2023 Trends in Payment Testing

2023 was another year of uncertainty. In fact, numerous industry experts declared that we no longer have anything like a “new normal”, we only have continual change.

We created this guide to look at the key trends and issues facing testing operations in the financial services industry in 2023 and the impact they made on people, companies and the entire payment industry.
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Key Trends & Issues That Impacted Payment Testing Operations in 2023

In this guide, Paragon Application Systems CEO, Jim Perry offers insight and advice on the following topics:

  1. Managing and Motivating People is Harder than Ever
  2. The User Experience Still Matters
  3. Optimize Operations: Testing Automation & Integration
  4. The Certification Process Needs to be Simplified
  5. It’s Time to Take Advantage of the Cloud

Jim has worked in the payments industry for more than 30 years, focused on software development, deployment and online authorization and transaction processing systems.

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