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Automating the Most Common ATM Test Cases

Steve Gilde October 12, 2022
Automating the Most Common ATM Test Cases

Despite the ubiquity of debit card, credit card and contactless payments, cash still plays a critical role in day-to-day life of many consumers. As a result, ATMs remain an important channel for financial institutions to interact and engage with their customers. 

In fact, a report from Cardtronics says: “The ATM channel has transitioned over time from a key service differentiator to a table stakes commodity. With new hardware and software capabilities tying the ATM to new account types and self-service paradigms, the ATM is once again becoming an important strategic asset that complements consumers’ desire for self-service banking and always-on functionality.”

With ATMs certain to remain a vital component in any financial institution's retail delivery strategy for many years to come, fleet owners and deployers must ensure that they have an effective and efficient ATM testing infrastructure in place to maximize efficiency, minimize costs and guarantee a perfect customer experience with every transaction.

How ATM testing automation helps you achieve better results 

When it comes to ATM testing, many organizations are still under-investing in the tools and technologies needed to effectively develop and manage a more efficient, reliable and accurate testing environment. 

In fact, the majority of ATM testing is still done in physical laboratories using expensive - and breakable - ATM equipment. Manual testing is no longer fit for purpose in 2022, making it difficult for ATM fleet deployers to keep up with both rapidly evolving technology and increasingly sophisticated consumers.

To improve efficiency, remain competitive and deliver a superior customer experience on every transaction ATM fleet deployers must transition away from manual testing processes and invest in tools and technologies, like virtualization, that enable testing automation and facilitate 24x7x365 anytime, anywhere access to the ATM testing environment. 

Automating the 20 percent of transactions that drive 80 percent of your ATM volume, such as:

  • Withdrawals
  • Balance inquiries
  • Cash and Check deposits
  • Deposits with cash back

will significantly improve the efficiency of your ATM testing operation, enabling your resources to expand test coverage, improve quality and focus on higher value activities, like developing new revenue generating products and services. 

Are you interested in learning more about how your organization can improve its ATM capabilities using virtualization and automation? Request a consultation with Paragon application Systems today.

Our team of ATM testing experts would love to discuss how our unique technologies can help you build a more efficient, accurate and cost-effective ATM testing operation.

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