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by Steve Gilde on 29 May 2019

Virtualized ATM Testing: The Time is Now (Like Right Now!)

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for the Windows 7 platform. No software updates. No security patches or fixes. No...

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ATM Testing, Automation, Virtualization

by Steve Gilde on 14 May 2019

Recognizing the Value of Customer Relationships

Generating revenue from customers is a fundamental aspect of any business. And while this is a very simple concept, there is so much more to...

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Payments Testing

by Steve Gilde on 8 May 2019

Celebrating 25 Years: Paragon's 4 Cornerstones

The success rate for startup companies is extremely low. By some accounts, as many as 90% of new businesses do not survive.

So, you can imagine ...

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Payments Testing, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 5 March 2019

Personal Banking Experience: A Test in Patience

Regular readers will know that I sometimes take a step away from the dynamic and fascinating world of payment testing to look at other aspects of...

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by Steve Gilde on 26 February 2019

ATMIA US 2019 Recap

I’m back in the office after attending the 20th annual ATMIA US conference at Disney World in Orlando Florida. I hope it is a long time before I...

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ATM Testing

by Steve Gilde on 19 February 2019

ATMIA US 2019: The Future of ATMs

Greetings from Orlando.

I am here in the warm sunshine for the ATM Industry Association’s Annual US Conference. The theme for the event this year...

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ATM Testing, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 15 January 2019

Testing: A Critical Component of Digital Transformation

Well, it rained here again this past weekend. Now something like 25 wet Saturdays and Sundays in a row for us dating back to the middle of last...

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ATM Testing, Automation, Virtualization, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 8 January 2019

2019 Payments Testing Forecast

Welcome to 2019. I hope that you had a great break over the holidays and are ready to tackle what is sure to be an exciting new year.

In our final...

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ATM Testing, Payments Testing, Automation, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 18 December 2018

Payments Testing 2018: Year in Review

Where does the time go? 

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Payments Testing, Automation, Risk

by Steve Gilde on 4 December 2018

Financial Services in Turmoil: Who Can We Trust?

It was another bad week for in the press for the financial services industry, which means it was also another bad week for consumers (i.e. you and...

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Payments Testing, Risk