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by Steve Gilde on 9 October 2018

Payments Testing Center of Excellence: Size Does Not Matter

Over the past few weeks, I have written quite a bit about all the change taking place within the payments industry. If the level of activity at a...

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Payments Testing, ATM Testing, Automation, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 2 October 2018

How Your Organization Can Withstand the TEST of Time

Just a few more words about the recent Diebold Nixdorf TAGxPIX event before we move on…

Near the end of the session, the DN team asked me if I...

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Innovation, Automation, Payments Testing, Risk

by Steve Gilde on 25 September 2018

TAGxPIX 2018 Recap: 3 Ways to Improve Payment Industry Efficiency

Back at home after the first annual Diebold Nixdorf TAGxPIX event in Las Vegas. As I mentioned in the blog last week, the Diebold TAG User Group...

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Innovation, ATM Testing, Payments Testing

by Steve Gilde on 18 September 2018

TAGxPIX 2018: Cooperation is King

Back in Las Vegas, this time at Caesar’s Palace for the first ever Diebold Nixdorf TAGxPIX event.

The DN Partner Information Exchange (PIX)...

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Innovation, Payments Testing, ATM Testing

by Steve Gilde on 11 September 2018

Payments Testing: Manual Labor vs Automation

Another weekend of working out in the backyard (or as my wife calls it “the money pit”).

I have made some significant progress with my efforts to...

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Payments Testing, Automation

by Steve Gilde on 4 September 2018

Payments Testing: Using the Right Tools

Americans celebrated the Labor Day holiday this past weekend. Originally intended to honor the hard work of “laborers” and the contributions that...

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Payments Testing

by Steve Gilde on 28 August 2018

Payments Testing: Future Possibilities

I was watching HGTV the other night when I had what I could describe as an out-of-body experience.

As is typical, I was also reading a book while...

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Innovation, Payments Testing

by Steve Gilde on 21 August 2018

More ATM Industry Turmoil: Diebold Nixdorf in the Crosshairs

Less than two hours after I posted my last blog expressing concern about the health and well-being of the ATM industry, news hit that Diebold...

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Innovation, ATM Testing

by Steve Gilde on 14 August 2018

ATM 3.0: Time for Real Change

An interesting piece was published on last week about the business of cash. And, it seems the marketplace is still somewhat bullish on...

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Innovation, ATM Testing

by Steve Gilde on 7 August 2018

Testing Center of Excellence: A Mission (Not So) Impossible for Financial Institutions

“Good morning Ethan. It's been widely reported in the press, through research papers and by industry analysts that consumers across the globe have...

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Payments Testing, ATM Testing, Automation, Innovation