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How to Build a Payment Test Automation Strategy for 2023

Steve Gilde March 13, 2023
How to Build a Payment Test Automation Strategy for 2023

In 2023, having a payment test automation strategy is essential to ensure the seamless and secure processing of payments. Automated testing helps to identify and resolve issues faster and more efficiently, leading to improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

In this blog article, we cover key points you need to know to build an effective payment test automation strategy that will help you meet your payment processing needs in 2023.

1 - Manage Your Resources

Acquiring and retaining staff is more important than ever. Getting the right people in the right seats, along with proper corporate support, including clear objectives, responsibilities and accountability must be a top priority.

You must provide the support, development, and assets that your team members need to succeed both personally and professionally. Clear, open and direct two-way communication with staff is vital for building a team structure, as well as attaining and maintaining high-performance. Alignment with company goals is required to achieve the desired business outcome, while building and maintaining a healthy corporate culture.

Empowering your staff to make decisions and take ownership of their work will increase their sense of responsibility and motivation. It is important to recognize and reward your team members for their efforts, achievements, and contribution related to your company goals.

Focusing on these factors creates a framework to attract and retain the best talent, allowing individuals to achieve personal satisfaction while ensuring that the organization is delivering the highest quality products and services to your clients.

2 - Focus on the User Experience

Today’s sophisticated and demanding consumers want financial services, including payments, that are always available, easy to use, and perfectly executed.

Regarding the importance of the user experience, Gartner says “Successful organizations know you cannot separate customer and employee experience strategies into silos. Total Experience (TX) is all about how to best use technology & interactions to enhance, empower, and embolden both customers and employees.”

Ensuring that your applications and systems are available and operating correctly 24x7x365 requires that you continually monitor and test the performance and capabilities of all your software and systems - or risk losing customers to one of the many alternative options that they can easily choose from.

3 - Optimize Your Testing Operations

It’s important to define a plan that improves testing coverage, scale, quality, and continuous improvement while reducing costs in your testing operations.

An important goal is for your testing operation to get better with every release or project delivery. It is important to implement and refine best practices that facilitate an integrated testing process that improves collaboration across your enterprise. Integrating development and testing processes will reduce project delivery times and improve quality.

Ideas to consider:

  • Upgrade your testing technology
  • Reduce the number of discrete single use testing applications and utilities
  • Eliminate technical debt wherever possible
  • Deploy server-based applications that increase internal cooperation and collaboration
  • Integrate systems and applications using APIs

It is important to invest in testing applications and tools that help build a framework for continuous improvement.

4 - Automate, Automate, Automate

In 2023 it is important for organizations to adopt an “Automation First” mindset to address repetitive or complex testing tasks, especially where it is difficult to acquire and retain the expertise.

Aggressive use of APIs will facilitate programmatic interaction between applications, increasing both the efficiency and quality of your testing processes.

While not a total replacement for manual testing, aggressive use of automation with application integration (supported by machine readable specifications) is key to navigating the changing payments landscape.

Automation delivers a number of business benefits including:

✔️ Speed



Introducing and expanding the use of automation across your payment testing operations will significantly multiply that bandwidth of your staff, while expanding test coverage, improving accuracy, and reducing project costs.

5 - Take Advantage of the Cloud

Due to the complexity and security concerns, many banks and other financial services organizations were slow to get started with cloud deployments. Today we are seeing our clients more aggressively expanding their capabilities in the cloud. 

Extending your testing capabilities into the cloud will help ensure maximum testing coverage, improve organizational agility and reduce infrastructure costs.

Moving your payment testing assets into the cloud to unlock real business benefits, such as:

  • Simplicity and Cost-Effectiveness: Deploying solutions using on-premise infrastructure can be slow, expensive and time-consuming. Using the cloud is a cost-effective way to simplify and speed up deployments.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Cloud-based services are exceptionally flexible and can scale up or down quickly and easily to meet rapid growth demands or changing business requirements.
  • Collaboration and Efficiency: Cloud technology allows users working in different business units, departments or diverse geographic locations to easily access and share information and resources.
  • Business Continuity: Cloud-based backup helps businesses protect and recover their data quickly so that in the event of a problem or outage they can continue operations without any downtime.
  • Better Insight: Financial services companies generate huge volumes of data. Deriving valuable insights from all this data requires a cost-effective way of managing & processing the information. 

The key components of an effective payment test automation strategy include analyzing the requirements of your payment system, defining specific test objectives, selecting the right test automation tool, creating a detailed test plan, executing tests, and monitoring progress.

Not sure where to start? Paragon is here to help your organization build a successful payment test automation strategy. We have designed a range of desktop and cloud-based solutions to help financial service companies automate their testing processes. 

Request a free consultation with our team of experts today. 

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