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3 Key Reasons to Use Cloud Based Testing Tools

Steve Gilde January 4, 2023
3 Key Reasons to Use Cloud Based Testing Tools

The financial services industry is finally moving toward the cloud in a big way. And there can be little doubt that automation remains one of the hottest topics in software testing. Yet, despite these trends many organizations in the payment industry still rely on old-school, testing methods that impact both operational efficiency and their ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

We still find many financial industry participants who are not yet ready to invest in the tools, technologies and processes to upgrade and automate their testing capabilities. Instead, they resist change and continue on with manual testing processes that are slow, expensive and can lead to negative customer experiences that negatively impact the value of their brand.

The advantages of implementing testing automation through the use of cloud-based technology is rapidly changing that mindset. By leveraging the power of the cloud, financial organizations are able to rapidly improve the quality of their testing, expand test coverage, deliver new products and services to the market more rapidly and deliver a superior customer experience. 

With that in mind, here are three key reasons why financial services companies should introduce testing automation into their organization:

1 - Increased productivity

It’s no surprise that manual testing takes up a lot of time. Automating even a portion of common test scenarios can save a significant amount of time and allow valuable resources to focus their energy on higher value tasks, such as developing new revenue generating products and services. 

2 - Support for a remote workforce 

Financial service companies that offer flexible work options are able to improve their access to the best testing and QA resources. Cloud technology supports a remote workforce, providing anytime, anywhere access to test data, results and reports that improves collaboration, no matter where the resources are located.

3 - Improved accuracy and quality

It’s an unfortunate reality that manual testing is prone to human error. This leads to delays in the release of new products and services, as well as a higher probability that errors will creep into production systems and negatively impact consumer transactions. 

Automation minimizes the possibility of errors by providing a framework for tests to be correctly and accurately run over and over again - even scheduled to be run in the middle of the night - with consistent and repeatable results that are easily verified and documented. 

Using cloud-based tools and technologies to automate payment testing processes will help financial services organizations to improve quality, expand test coverage, deliver new products and services to the market more rapidly.

Ultimately, this means delivering a superior customer experience at a lower cost. Sound good? 

Paragon Application Systems has a range of solutions that can dramatically improve your payment testing processes and allow for the automation of tests. Request a consultation with our team of experts to learn more.

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