Are Testing Compromises Putting Your Consumers and Your Brand at Risk?

Steve Gilde March 22, 2022

A recent research report published by Dimensional Research presents a sobering picture of how a majority of organizations are failing when it comes to ensuring the best possible experience for their customers and protecting the value of their company’s brand.

Positively, almost every company surveyed (98 percent) indicated their belief that better application quality delivers a superior customer experience. Additionally, 9 out of 10 businesses said that they believe application quality is a key differentiator for their company.

Unfortunately, a large majority of these also indicated that they regularly sacrifice quality for faster release velocity and pushing new products and services out the door as quickly as possible.

In fact, nearly all of the 505 qualified participants that completed the survey acknowledged using poor quality and testing practices, such as working with incomplete requirements and testing data, skipping tests, and failing to perform full end-to-end testing.

Some key findings from the study include: 

Ensuring quality is a competitive differentiator that makes a difference

  • 98% said higher application quality delivers a superior customer experience.
  • 85% stated that application quality is a competitive differentiator.
  • 88% believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

But poor testing and quality practices fall short

  • 87% percent exhibit poor quality practices.
  • 71% have been pressured to release applications at the expense of quality.
  • 43% said that they have skipped tests to save time.
  • 22% admitted to releasing applications without functional testing.

Quality testing give quality results

One of the most important aspects of the testing and QA process is using the test results and data to drive continuous improvement, i.e., improving quality, expanding test coverage, and increasing efficiency. However, the survey indicates that many companies are falling in this regard.

Only 32 percent of companies have a consistent quality feedback loop. In a competitive marketplace where consumers have more financial choice than ever before, effective testing and continuous improvement are crucial when it comes to delivering a great payment experience on every transaction and building a loyal customer base.

28 percent of businesses stated that quality issues rarely or just “some of the time” are fed back into the quality process to ensure the same defect doesn’t make it back into production and back to customers.

Putting your customers – and your brand – at risk

When your testing is compromised, you are essentially using your customers as guinea pigs. In the social media-driven world that we operate in today, this is certainly a high-risk business strategy for any company. Organizations that do not have the modern testing tools and quality assurance processes in place will continually face this dilemma. Modern testing tools and automation are the keys to survival

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