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ATM Simulator vs Virtualization: The Future of ATM Testing?

Steve Gilde September 20, 2022
ATM Simulator VS Virtualization - the future of ATM testing

Testing is an essential component of any ATM fleet owner’s core business. But the hard truth is that the majority of organizations that manage an ATM estate have failed to implement productive, effective and cost-efficient ATM testing processes into their operations.

The traditional way to test ATMs has become increasingly less effective. Organizations typically perform ATM testing using manual processes in a physical laboratory. This requires expensive ATM hardware that sits in one central location, with local teams performing the same basic tests over and over again to try and ensure all elements of the ATM are functioning correctly.

These manual tests are time-consuming, costly, and take way too long to complete. By the time issues are found, customers are already dissatisfied with their ATM experience, while new issues that have not been found via limited manual testing continue to surface.

Thankfully, modern technology has made it possible to dramatically improve ATM testing processes. Remote testing and testing automation has made ATM testing more productive, accurate and significantly faster. This frees up testing resources to focus on tasks that truly drive business growth. 

To achieve this many companies use ATM simulation, but even better technology is available - ATM virtualization. In this blog we take a look at what both ATM simulation and virtualization are, and what these technologies mean for the future of ATM testing.

What is the difference between an ATM simulator and ATM virtualization

ATM simulators make testing easier by simulating the behavior of ATMs. Rather than performing all tests manually, certain ATM behaviors can be replicated by the simulator.

 This can provide a number of benefits, including improved productivity and reliability. 

However, while ATM simulators are significantly more effective than manual ATM testing, they still do have some limitations. For example, unique simulators have to be used for different pieces of hardware, as there is no simple way to accurately and cost-effectively simulate all of the different hardware and software combinations available today. 

ATM virtualization goes one step beyond simulation by using an exact copy of an ATM software stack - including the operating system, applications and log files - and abstracting it from the physical ATM hardware components.

Put simply, an ATM simulator pretends to be an ATM. On the other hand, a properly virtualized ATM becomes an exact copy of a specific machine that uses both the actual ATM application and virtual copies of the various hardware components deployed on the machine, all tied together via the CEN-XFS standard.. 

Why ATM virtualization is the future of ATM testing

ATM virtualization has huge benefits for ATM fleet owners. Virtual ATMs can easily be deployed on prem or in the cloud, providing the flexibility to organizations that need to develop an efficient and cost-effective remote testing environment that enables 24x7x365 any time, anywhere access to the testing platform.

By embracing ATM virtualization, organizations are able to increase ATM testing accuracy, expand test coverage, improve productivity, reduce delivery timeframes and save money. This technology will also enable your limited resources to spend more time on core tasks that actually drive growth and improved customer experiences for your business. 

Some key benefits of ATM virtualization include:

  • 24x7x365 support for remote resources
  • Increased staff collaboration and productivity
  • Expanded test coverage and automation options
  • Faster project cycles and delivery time frames
  • Reduced costs 

Are you interested in learning more about ATM virtualization, and how it can help your organization implement improved ATM testing processes? Get in touch with Paragon Application Systems today. Our innovative VirtualATM platform expands test coverage and reduces costs. 

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