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Key Features to Look for in Modern ATM Testing Tools

Steve Gilde November 8, 2023
Key Features to Look for in Modern ATM Testing Tools

As ATMs continue to evolve, the tools to test them must evolve too. If you’re looking to ensure that your ATMs deliver the highest level of performance, security, and user satisfaction, here are some key features you should look for in modern ATM testing tools.

1. Virtualization Capabilities

Free your resources from the constraints of a physical ATM test lab by selecting an ATM testing tool that uses virtualization. Virtual ATMs can provide 24x7 anytime, anywhere remote testing capabilities to improve collaboration, productivity and accuracy.Virtualizing an ATM Guide

2. Robust functionality

You need tools that help deliver the best possible customer experience. This means testing screen flows, user interactions, receipt printing, hardware faults, etc. The tool should support multiple hardware configurations and software versions via the CEN XFS standard.

  3.  Flexible Automation Options

Automation capabilities are a critical component in any modern ATM testing tool, enabling testing consistency and accuracy, as well as saving valuable time so that your resources can focus on more strategic initiatives.

4. Integration Capabilities

Modern ATM testing tools should include APIs that facilitate easy integration into other enterprise systems, such as CI/CD pipelines.

5. Cloud Support

Cloud-based deployment options provide an opportunity to improve access to testing resources, while at the same time reducing infrastructure costs and improving operational flexibility.

Interested in learning more about how you can improve your ATM testing capabilities? Paragon has extensive knowledge and experience providing innovative ATM testing solutions to the financial services industry. Contact us today to learn more about VirtualATM.

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