The Top 5 Benefits of ATM Automation Testing

Steve Gilde August 8, 2022
Top 5 benefits of ATM Automation Testing

Effective testing is a core component to success of any organization that manages an ATM fleet. Unfortunately, too much ATM testing is still being done manually - which is inefficient, time consuming and expensive - requiring dedicated ATM hardware sitting in a specially-designed lab.

Thankfully, ATM fleet owners can take advantage of virtualization technology to implement a new approach to testing - one that brings a number of business benefits. Automated ATM testing is a game changer.

In fact, according to Perfecto’s annual 2022 State of Test Automation Report, 

“The biggest advantage of automation over manual testing is that it allows for more testing in less time. It increases productivity and expands how much you can test. While there will always be a need for manual testing, automating the right tests will help testers execute more test cases in less time, improve test coverage, and keep up with the pressure of go-to-market needs.”

So, with that in mind, what are the top five benefits that ATM owners can realize from the implementation of ATM automation testing? 

1 - Reduced costs

The initial investment and implementation time required to implement a modern ATM testing solution can often scare fleet owners away, but a server-based platform that utilizes virtualization to enable automation can provide organizations with significant cost savings in a number of areas.

Automated ATM testing can help save businesses money by:

  • Minimizing the needs for expensive ATM hardware and physical lab space.
  • Increasing employee productivity, allowing the same number of resources to do more with less.
  • Expanding test coverage
  • Improving quality to minimize errors and rework
  • Reducing project cycle times 

2 - Support for a remote workforce 

One of the biggest challenges with the traditional approach to ATM testing is that manual testing is done in a specifically-designed lab. This process requires a large number of resources working out of a physical location, manually performing the same tests over and over again to try and ensure that all aspects of the ATM are working as expected.

Not only is this a drag on resources, it no longer fits into the modern way of working. With more than 70 percent of companies expected to adopt a hybrid work model, ATM fleet owners must begin to support a remote workforce if they are to continue hiring the top talent within their industry.

Virtualization and automation are great ways to move ATM testing out of the lab and into an environment that is easily accessible by remote workers anytime and from anywhere. Virtualization allows testing resources and QA team members to move away from manual testing and, instead, perform automated tests remotely. 

3 - Extend ATM testing coverage

Automation enables organizations to dramatically expand their test coverage. Automating even the most common ATM tests can significantly increase your testing bandwidth, reduce project delivery cycles and improve delivery timeframes for new products and services. 

Not only does this help save your business money on resources, it also helps to optimize the productivity of your testing and QA resources. Rather than spending countless hours repeating the same manual tests over and over again, your team can instead focus on tasks that provide higher value to both your business and your customers.

 4 - Eliminate the risk of human error 

There’s no doubt about it, manual testing leaves too much room for error. When humans perform manual tests over and over again, it becomes all too easy for test scenarios to be missed or run incorrectly. It also means that results are easily skewed, incorrectly recorded or not recorded at all. 

By automating tests and using advanced software to perform and record them accurately every time, your organization can gain real insights into how your ATMs are performing and what you need to improve to enhance the customer experience. 

5 - Better testing improves the customer experience

Improved ATM testing is not just about how it directly impacts your internal teams, it’s about how it impacts the overall experience of your customers. Better ATM testing means a better transaction experience for your clients every time they use one of your ATMs.

An improved consumer experience leads to increased loyalty and client retention, as well as reduced cost of customer service and marketing. All these things make ATM fleet owners more profitable!

Are you interested in learning more about ATM automation testing? Get in touch with Paragon today. We’ve designed innovative ATM testing software that provides organizations with automation options that allow them to run more tests in less time, saving them significant amounts of time, money and resources.

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