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4 Must-Have Features in ATM Testing Software

Steve Gilde February 27, 2023
4 Must-Have Features in ATM Testing Software

Providing a seamless customer experience is crucial for the success of any ATM fleet owner. A smooth payment process, efficient ATM operation, and quick market launch of new products and services all contribute to a better consumer satisfaction. Ultimately, this results in higher profits and a thriving business.

Effective ATM testing must be an integral part of an ATM fleet owner's business process. 

However, many organizations still use outdated testing methods and technologies. The conventional ATM lab, where devices and ATM applications have traditionally been tested manually, has become too inefficient and expensive to support modern operations. 

With the need for remote employees, economic uncertainties, and cyber threats, digital transformation is critical to the success of the modern ATM fleet owner.

With that in mind, here are four key features to look for in ATM testing tools when modernizing your testing operations:

1 - Virtualization Technology

Virtualization creates a virtual copy of the ATM and its software, allowing test teams to perform testing without accessing the actual machine. This enables 24/7 testing from anywhere, while minimizing the need for expensive equipment and time in a designated lab.

2 - Cloud-Based Deployment

Moving ATM testing assets into the cloud is now a cost-effective way to support remote and hybrid workers, allowing teams to collaborate and perform testing from any location. Use of the cloud will help increase testing efficiency, expand test coverage and save money.

3 - Automation

Modern ATM testing software should automate not only the most common test cases, but should also provide for direct, programmatic interaction with the ATM application. Automation frees up time resources to focus on more complex tests and product development.

4 - Return on Investment

Investing in modern ATM testing software can save money by reducing infrastructure costs, reducing the need for expensive hardware, supporting a remote workforce, as well as increasing both test coverage and improving quality.

If you want to optimize the performance of your ATM testing operation, consider implementing modern ATM testing software with these must-have features. Get in touch with Paragon Application Systems today.

We’ve developed the VirtualATM platform to support virtualization, remote access, and automation, as well as flexible deployment options - helping your organization to move away from the constraints of the physical test lab and build a more efficient and accurate testing environment in the cloud. 

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