How Online Certification Saves Time and Money

How Online Certification Saves Time & Money

Traditional processes for certifying new members or re-certifying existing clients can be slow, time-consuming and expensive for any network, financial services organization or payment processor. 

Your staff must commit time and resources to maintaining, distributing and monitoring test data and results. This includes answering the same questions from users again and again, as well as manually tracking the progress of each member or client certification project. 

And the certification process is no better for your members and clients, who struggle to determine what messages or transactions are required and how to test them, compete with other clients for time with your certification analysts, and scramble to reschedule when priorities and resource availability change. And nothing has gotten easier in the current environment, with so many people on both sides of the process working remotely. 

Thankfully, with the right technology, your organization can dramatically reduce the time it takes to onboard new members or clients and significantly speed up your time to revenue. Before we get into what technology you need for better certification processes, let’s first take a look at why manual certification isn’t working. 

Out with the old 

While the requirement for certification has been around since the very beginning of digital payments, the process remains complex and time-consuming for many financial services organizations and their clients. 

In fact, the proliferation of networks and payment gateways, along with the advent of new payment methods and technologies, such as EMV contact and contactless cards, means that for many companies, the amount of time and effort required for certification and recertification is greater than ever.  

According to Procensol, a global leader in process-centric solutions, “Without a centralized and automated certification system, financial services organizations are faced with a long list of inefficiencies; siloed data and processes, low quality data, siloed departments and users, operational challenges and lack of visibility being only the tip of the iceberg.”

So, what’s the solution? A centralized and automated certification system that’s ‘always on’.

Technology is the Key

The Paragon Web FASTest solution runs unattended, providing your clients and members with the required tests and valid test data, as well as a dashboard for tracking their certification progress. Your merchants, issuers or acquirers who need to certify can simultaneously access the unattended certification testing platform any time, from anywhere. And your staff can logon to the system as needed to review their test results and answer questions.  

Web FASTest can perform unattended, automated testing 24x7x365 and can accurately track the progress of each client/member certification. Custom reporting options match testers and tests by criteria, such as terminal ID or merchant ID, report test counts and progress toward completion, as well as providing printable summary reports.

Any testers you authorize can log into the Web FASTest certification platform to access and run the tests they need, validate the test results, and track certification progress, all without requiring any interaction between the client’s resources and your staff.

Whether your members are next door or across the globe, they can use Web FASTest anytime via a standard web browser — immediately accessing the latest features when Web FASTest is updated on your server. That means no costly desktop software is required or maintained at your client/member sites! 

Using a modern, web-based  certification system will provide your organization with significant benefits and give you a pronounced advantage over the competition::

  • Easy 24x7x365 browser-based access for your clients and members
  • Centralized control of test data and client/member information
  • Streamlined and automated certification processes,Faster certification times and quicker time to revenue for new clients
  • Increased staff efficiency, productivity and throughput
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  • Simplified project tracking and reporting
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

How can you build an automated certification system? 

Do you need help implementing an  automated certification system for your members or new clients? Paragon Application Systems has developed the innovative Web FASTest platform that supports either assisted or 24x7 unattended certification testing and will give you the tools you need to effectively track and manage certification projects.

Interested in learning more about how you can reduce onboarding and certification timeframes from weeks and months to days, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention? Request a consultation today and learn how Paragon Application Systems can help your organization better achieve its certification testing goals.

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