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Why Strategic Performance Testing is Fundamental for Payment Processors

Steve Gilde May 22, 2024

Global commerce is faster, more interconnected, and more complex than ever before. This makes the safety, availability, and reliability of our payment systems of paramount concern. Performance testing and analysis are critical safeguards that help ensure mission-critical networks, switches, and authorization engines can handle growing traffic volumes and sophisticated processing scenarios without fail. 

Inspired by industry leaders like Cigniti and Stripe, this blog dives into some of the key reasons why performance testing is not just a nice-to-have item, but essential to the ongoing health and well-being of the payment industry.

The Importance of Performance Testing

Performance testing is necessary to accurately measure and manage the capacity of payment networks, gateways, and authorization systems - helping to ensure their ability to operate under different transaction volumes and traffic scenarios. 

Regular and rigorous stress testing - seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive testing strategy - is an important component in the ongoing struggle to keep payments flowing smoothly and securely for consumers 24x7x365.




Top Reasons to Invest in Performance Testing

  1. Ensure System Availability and Reliability: Performance tests simulate varying loads to ensure payment systems can handle peak traffic requirements without crashing, which is crucial for maintaining uptime and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  2. Optimize Response Times: Slow transaction processing times can frustrate customers and lead to abandoned shopping carts - both physical and virtual. Performance testing helps maximize system performance levels, enhancing the user experience.
  3. Risk Management: As businesses grow, so does the volume of transactions. Performance testing helps determine whether your processing infrastructure is not only capable of supporting your current workload, but can also scale to meet projected volumes without the risk of a system overload or failure.

3 Best Practices for Effective Performance Testing

1. Schedule Regular Performance Testing Cycles

Make performance testing and analysis a standard part of your testing processes. Ideally, you can conduct performance tests as a part of every build or release cycle, certainly before and after major events or software updates.

2. Run Realistic Test Scenarios

Simulate real-world scenarios as closely as possible to identify potential issues more accurately.

3. Continuously Monitor and Optimize Your Systems

Regularly monitor system performance and make the adjustments necessary to handle transaction growth, changes in processing workloads, or new technologies as appropriate.

The stakes couldn't be higher when it comes to maintaining a secure, reliable, and efficient payment processing environment, and no organization, no matter how large or sophisticated, is immune. 

Performance testing and analysis are mission-critical components of your overall payment testing strategy that help safeguard both your revenue and your reputation - technology has made it too easy for everyone to know exactly how your systems are performing! When you invest in a comprehensive performance testing solution, you’ll be able to maximize system availability, ensure customer satisfaction, and support continued business growth.

As specialists in payment and ATM testing, Paragon Application Systems offers solutions that help ensure that your payment systems are meeting and exceeding both industry standards and customer expectations. You can trust our testing tools and simulators to help keep your systems available, reliable, and running at peak efficiency.

Contact us today to learn how Paragon products and services can enhance your payment testing operations and help drive your business forward.

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