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It’s Time to Move Your Payments Testing to the Cloud: Part Two

Steve Gilde March 1, 2021

In a recent survey of 1,750 IT executive conducted by Capgemini as a part of their annual World Quality Report for 2020-21, respondents indicated that only around 15% of all testing was automated. If you read part one of this series, you know that despite cloud-based options being around for a number of years, the banking industry has been slow to adopt cloud computing compared to other industries.

But, as we have seen in many other areas of business, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way financial institutions approach the cloud.

Facing the Challenges that Lie Ahead

One pre-requisite that still challenges many banks and financial services organizations is the lack of automation in their testing processes. While moving to the cloud is one of the reasons why automation has become a business imperative, many organizations still have a long way to go in this regard.

Every organization is different, and every cloud deployment will be unique with its own set of challenges. No matter where your organization is at in its cloud journey, it is important to work with partners who can help identify these issues and provide the guidance required to help successfully integrate robust testing solutions within both your business environment and your selected cloud infrastructure.

Using a modern, web-enabled application to move your payment testing assets into the cloud will provide and number of benefits:

  1. Cost savings through shared resources, streamlined deployment, and reduced maintenance of your testing assets.
  2. Secure access - anytime, anywhere, on any device - for your development, testing and QA resources.
  3. Improved collaboration between technical and business users during the testing process via shared data and artifacts.
  4. Flexible deployment options with rapid scale up and scale down capabilities.
  5. API level integration with other enterprise systems to promote speed and agility.

Supporting mission critical payment systems has always required the highest levels of vision, strategy, and support, in addition to having the best people, hardware, and software assets. Global events in 2020 highlighted the advantages that a cloud enabled infrastructure can provide, making it much easier for organizations to respond to rapid changes in their business environment, whether it’s the need to support remote workers, deal with unforeseen spikes in demand, or make urgent changes on the fly.

Payments remain a critical thread in the fabric of our everyday lives. The payments industry will certainly continue to grow and evolve to meet changes in consumer preference and buying behavior, as well as advances in technology. In order to stay relevant and competitive, financial services organizations need to continually innovate, while at the same time speeding time to market for new products and services, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. It’s time to take full advantage of the opportunities available by moving your payments testing assets to the cloud.

To learn more on this topic, contact us and let’s schedule some time to chat.


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