How APIs Can be Used for the Integration of ATM Testing

Steve Gilde March 17, 2022
How APIs Can be Used for the Integration of ATM Testing

When it comes to ATM testing, it's increasingly necessary for fleet owners and deployers to do more with less. In order to meet rapidly changing demands from increasingly sophisticated consumers, stay current with evolving technology, and compete with FinTech disruptors, it has become a business imperative to replace manual testing processes with modern tools and processes.

It is also critically important to integrate the ATM channel within the broader enterprise. By doing so, financial organizations can dramatically expand test coverage, improve efficiency, and increase speed to market for innovative new products and services.

So before we dive into how your organization can integrate its ATM channel by leveraging APIs, let’s take a look at why most large organizations are using API-centric strategies as part of an Agile approach to software development.

How APIs are being used to drive digital transformation

According to a recent study from MuleSoft, a division of Salesforce, in collaboration with Deloitte Digital, which surveyed more than 1,050 global IT leaders on the state of connectivity and digital transformation, APIs help improve the efficiency of IT teams, as well as drive new revenue. The API story is so compelling that 98 percent of businesses are now using APIs to connect data and applications.

APIs can also enable non-technical users to harness low-code tools to drive their own automation and digital transformation projects can take huge pressure off IT teams. More than half (55 percent) of organizations now have a “very mature” or “mature” strategy to empower these users to integrate apps and data sources powered by APIs (compared to 36 percent last year).

How can APIs play an important role in ATM testing?

ATM testing has typically relied on manual and time-consuming processes that require testers to stand in front of physical machines in an ATM lab. But what if you could instead use ATM virtualization to remotely test ATM functionality, using exact, virtual copies of your ATM applications? Or even deploy the virtual ATMs in your cloud environment?

With Paragon Application Systems you can! Our innovative VirtualATM technology provides 24x7 remote access to the VirtualATM simulators, allowing testers and QA personnel to conduct ATM testing from wherever they are and whenever they need to.

Even better, our solutions can automate the tests, allowing them to be scheduled and run on demand. This reduces overhead, increases productivity, and puts your developers, testers, and QA teams in total control of the testing process.

To do this, we offer multiple automation options - from simple record and playback functionality where users interact with the ATM via an easy to use windows interface, as well as a RESTful API that can access and manage a virtual ATM as a Web service so that users can control the ATM programmatically.

The VirtualATM API exposes operations that can execute commands on a virtual ATM image; for example, clicking screen buttons, clicking FDK buttons, inserting a card, taking media dispensed by the ATM, and changing encryption keys. Additionally, endpoint calls enable users to query items in Web FASTest Labels, enabling access to information that may be needed for constructing API scripts for VirtualATM.

The API also enables CI/CD integration, as well as TDD and BDD scenarios, and facilitates integration with other enterprise systems so that all test data and results can be managed and aggregated in one centralized location. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Paragon Application Systems today. One of our ATM testing specialists would love to show you how our innovative solutions can both speed up, and improve the quality, of your ATM tests. 

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