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5 Ways Automated Testing Software Increases Efficiency

Steve Gilde April 25, 2023
5 Ways Automated Testing Software Increases Efficiency

Despite the chaotic state of global affairs and predictions of an economic recession, the most successful financial services providers will continue their focus on digital transformation throughout the coming year.

When it comes to testing, companies that invest in modern payment testing solutions will be able to integrate, automate, and optimize their testing operations to save both time and money, while significantly enhancing the customer experience.

In this blog, we take a closer look at five key ways that testing automation can help increase productivity, improve quality, enhance collaboration and speed up delivery cycles, providing both a solid ROI and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Remember, as we covered in our blog Manual Testing vs Automated Testing: It's Not a Competition, test automation doesn’t mean manual testing no longer exists. Automation complements manual testing processes and both are important components in a comprehensive payments testing strategy.

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How Testing Automation Delivers Value

1. Faster Testing and Reduced Time to Market:

Once tests have been automated, they can be run again and again or be scheduled to run at any time. This can greatly reduce the time your resources need to spend on testing, significantly speeding up product development cycles and project deliveries.

2. Increased Test Coverage and Accuracy:

Automation enables organizations to execute large numbers of test cases, e.g. regression suites, quickly and accurately. This means more tests can be run in less time, expanding test coverage.

3. Address Industry-Wide Staffing Shortages:

Modern test tools should support 24x7 anytime, anywhere access for remote workers, enabling organizations to expand the pool of available resources. And automating as much testing as possible allows limited staff to cover more ground and spend more on strategic and revenue generating activities.

4. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration:

Automated testing tools can improve cooperation and communication between team members. Test cards, scripts and results can be easily shared and reviewed across the organization, facilitating feedback and enhancing collaboration.

5. Cost Savings and ROI:

Investing in test tools and simulators that support automation helps companies save both time and money, with the ROI increasing over time as more and more test cases are automated. Testing automation further helps the bottom line by improving overall product quality and protecting shareholder value.

By selecting the appropriate tools and implementing best practices, organizations can optimize their payment testing operations and benefit from increased efficiency, improved quality, expanded test coverage and faster time to market – as well as significant cost savings.

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