Desktop Design of Configuration Load Files for States-and-Screens ATMs

Easily create, test and maintain states-and-screens ATM configuration (.LOD or load) files from your desktop.

Paragon offers ConfigBuilder to existing Paragon customers that need to design states-and-screens ATM configuration load files. For new Paragon customers, all the functionality of ConfigBuilder (and much more!) is available in ATMulator Plus. ConfigBuilder streamlines the process of building ATM configuration files for States-and-Screens ATMs, allowing you to easily design and test ATM configuration files from your PC. 

Brand your ATMs with screen designs incorporating audio, graphics, HTML or multiple languages and then simulate the consumer process for each transaction to create a load file tailored to your existing terminal-driving software.

With ConfigBuilder, you can document the entire transaction flow, including thumbnails of ATM screens, so you can confirm ATM load files are correct by reviewing them at your PC before deploying them to the ATM. ConfigBuilder’s Cross Reference utility helps you find and delete unused states or screens.

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