Stress Testing identifies your system’s weaknesses and bottlenecks when network traffic is increased while communications bandwidth is throttled. Performance testing must include a mix of endpoints and transactions (POS devices and ATMs, payment gateways, merchant processors) and the ability to vary TPS from each. To monitor system performance over time, you need repeatable automated performance tests, scheduled frequently. And you need reports with actionable results for better business decisions. Ultimately, though, the goal of performance testing isn’t merely exposing system weaknesses to “tweak” system performance—you want to ensure the best possible customer experience when your system is under stress.

Enhance Performance to Improve Customer Experience

First impressions are critically important. Performance testing enables you to push systems to the limit so you can resolve any issues that could potentially result in system failure in production. Optimal system performance means faster transaction processing and reduced system outages, delivering the services customers want when they want them.

Identify Bottlenecks with Stresses from Multiple Sources

To reveal system capacity, you must accurately simulate many transaction originators—including POS devices, ATM types, and issuer/acquirer payment gatewayswith numerous cards and card typesin various combinations. Find processing bottlenecks by adjusting the TPS from each endpoint and add or close active connections to test communications bandwidth.

Make Better Business Decisions From Actionable Results

Performance testing is an integral part of your testing process. After establishing your performance testing scripts, you can use your test management system to routinely run those tests. Manage your business more effectively with test designs and metrics that provide valuable insights into managing system performance and improving user experiences.

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