Master time through automation. Reduce time-to-market through efficient end-to-end testing in your DevOps environment, while increasing confidence in deployed software. Save time using existing tests as templates, enabling testers to add valid tests faster, increasing test coverage. Uncover defects earlier with CIT, giving your Agile developers more time for defect resolution. Run regression tests when your system is under the least demand, promoting system efficiency. Virtually eliminate lab time for manual testing. When studies show manual testing touches less than 20% of all endpoints, devices, and transactions; automated testing is time well spent.

Regression Testing: Verifying Positive Customer Experiences

Competition drives you to add innovative payment products, while customer satisfaction demands flawless end-to-end system performance. A solid regression testbed ensures new features introduce no issues with existing functionality. Automating regression testing increases efficiency, freeing resources for complex issues and higher-value tasks, such as adding sophisticated use cases.

Agile Methodology, Next Gen Solutions

The Waterfall model postpones testing until immediately before deployment, while Agile promotes continuous testing throughout the SDLC, uncovering defects earlier for faster resolution, and minimizing time required to confirm quality later. Our Next-Gen testing solutions join you on the Agile path, empowering you to manage change in your payments environment.

CIT: Testing at the Speed of Change

Continuous Integration Testing (CIT) has your test management system assemble and re-test your payments system each time a change is introduced. Even the best developers and testers make mistakes, but CIT uncovers mistakes earlier, enabling faster resolution with more time devoted to developing new features that increase your market share.

APIs: A Doorway to DevOps

In DevOps, your silo-ed development and operations staff work togetherusing an Agile approachto develop, test, and support your software. Using Paragon’s API, your DevOps staff can combine your tests and test data with information and functions from other systems to deliver new solutions to your organization.

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Automate your regression testing environment, improve your agility and ability to innovate, while positioning your organization to move towards Continuous Integration and DevOps.

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Expand your test options and improve efficiency by testing from your desktop using automated and easily customized test scripts that meet your specific needs.

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We’ve been very pleased with the Paragon products and their capabilities. So pleased, in fact, that we don’t feel the need to search elsewhere.

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Many ACI technicians and customers find Paragon’s products invaluable for use during testing. When a company consistently provides solid products, stays involved in the industry, and offers exceptional customer service as Paragon does, it’s not surprising when it is successful.

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Paragon’s Support team is always available. If I had to rate my experience with Paragon employees and products on a scale from 1 to 5, I’d give them a 5

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