ATM Testing


ATM testing was once the responsibility of a technician with plastic cards, printed tests, and access to an ATM. Today your ATM network has a wide array of high-profile ATMs that consumers depend on daily—and comprehensive, cost-effective testing is only possible through automation and virtualization. Whether your team is responsible for advanced function XFS-based ATMs, states-and-screens-based ATMs, or a network containing both; your testing solution must automate testing to run more tests in less time, make virtual ATMs and media available to your distributed workforce, and foster collaboration that leads to faster software development and reduced deployment risk.

Virtualization Makes Better ATM Testing a Reality

Test using an accurate virtual replica of your advanced function ATM, including its devices. Simulate faults that damage ATM hardware. Use centralized control to select which users can see, share, or modify virtual ATMs and media. Reduce overhead, increase productivity, and deliver the availability, experience, and security that ATM consumers demand.

Modern Testing for Legacy States-and-Screens ATMs

While advanced function ATMs are gaining popularity, many deployers still rely on states-and-screens-based machines. Evolved from simple cash dispensers, these ATMs now include a wide range of services. You must develop ATM configurations, preview ATM screens and transaction flows, and build the configuration load files deployed to these ATMs.

Manage Change with Continual Testing

Changes in ATM technology have far outpaced some ATM testing methodologies: contact/contactless EMV, security-related initiatives (tokenization and advanced encryption), new technologies (cardless ATM access, NFC and biometrics)—even migrating ATMs to Windows 10, or regulatory compliance and network mandates. Never-ending change necessitates moving from manual to automated testing and virtualization.

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Virtualize your ATM fleet for more accurate, comprehensive test coverage—while reducing testing costs, automating repetitive processes, and enhancing collaborationto deliver an improved user experience.

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ATMulator Plus

Quickly make and test ATM configuration changes from your desktop. Preview ATM screens on your PC exactly as your customers see them at your ATMs in the field.

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