Payments Testing Solutions


Your organization faces an increasing number of internal and external challenges in your payments testing environment. The explosion of digital banking and mobile payments heightens security concerns and increases the number of devices and endpoints. The migration to EMV means processing more complex data from cards and terminalsand further complicates certification with payment brands and networksAt the same time, development methodologies and processes are changing with the drive from Waterfall to Agile and DevOps, compounding the difficulty of decisions about which tools and technologies you choose.  

These disruptive changes must be addressed in addition to challenges you have historically faced: software migrations, corporate reorganizations, a distributed workforce, compliance with payment brand mandates and government regulations, and competition from within—and outside of—the financial services industry. The requirement to expand and improve testing, especially with overtaxed resources, seems daunting. 

We realize that no two organizations will meet these challenges in the same way. However, by leveraging the skills of our people and the experience gained from our engagements around the globe, Paragon can deliver high impact solutions that enable your organization to meet the challenge of change head on. 

ATM Testing

Continued advances in technology, evolving consumer behavior, competition, as well as significant legal and regulatory pressure, all mean that ATM networks operate in a state of continual change. To effectively manage this complexity and remain competitive, a comprehensive strategy, as well as a powerful, flexible, and robust platform for ATM testing are required.

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Automated Testing

Payment testing systems are too complex and change too quickly for any organizations to risk deployments without frequent, comprehensive payments network testing. No company can hire enough people to manually conduct the required tests in the time available in a release cycle. Today's payments testing strategy must rely on automated test execution and verification.

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Certification Testing

Whether you are a member that wants to verify your Brand Certification readiness with automated pretesting, or you are a Payment brand or network in search of an efficient Self-Certification solution for your members; demand speed, accuracy, security, centralized test data, and granular user control.   

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Performance Testing

Push your systems to the limit while throttling your communications bandwidth so you can resolve any issues that could potentially result in system failure. But discovering system weaknesses isn’t your ultimate goal during performance testing; you want to fine-tune your system to ensure the best possible customer experience regardless of the stresses your system is under.

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