Dynamically Configurable Payments Performance Testing from a Desktop Application

FASTressDetermining your system capacity is critical when you are updating your transaction system, adding new ATM or POS devices, merging an acquired network, adding new transactions, or changing your switch. The last thing you want is to have your users experience delays or denied transactions because your system is overloaded. Measure overall system capacity and identify bottlenecks, so you don’t experience them in production, with FASTress.

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Benchmark, Performance, and Capacity (Load) Testing

Thoroughly test device handling, network throughput and communications bandwidth by processing enormous volumes of simultaneous transactions from multiple sources. FASTress simultaneously emulates each device in your network including ATM and POS devices, switch issuers, and acquirers. Vary transaction volume during testing—send multiple transactions per second like a switch or POS concentrator, or send transactions synchronously like an ATM. Dynamically increase or decrease transactions per second (TPS) or change the number of active connections (that is, the number or types of devices) during testing to determine the effect on system performance.

Accurate Simulation of a Variety of Endpoints

Conduct comprehensive load or stress testing from your desktop without scheduling test time with your switches or without a room full of real ATMs. Accurately simulate a single high-volume device or switch, or up to hundreds of transaction originators including POS devices, various ATM types and multiple switch issuers or acquirers—in various combinations. Test various end-points (for example, on-us cards at an ATM to test your host’s processing, not-on-us cards at an ATM to test routing and external authorization end-points) using multiple agents and individual card files per agent. FASTress dynamically encrypts PIN data during testing, facilitating stress testing of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

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Real-Time Results Displayed During Testing, Reports for Analysis After Testing

During testing, examine a real-time graphical view of requests per second (RPS) for the consolidated system and for each test scheme. After testing, review reports of test results and raw test data for further analysis, including number of requests and requests per second, average response time and number of responses received.