Intelligent Payments Testing and Network Certification from Your Desktop

FASTestYour dynamic processing environment requires constant testing. Certifying with switches, connecting to credit or debit card processors, adding ATMs or POS terminals, or enhancing host software—all demand that you test quickly and completely. But testing is often time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Lab time must be scheduled and test equipment is limited.

Expand your options and improve your efficiency by testing from your PC using FASTest’s automated tests, easily customized to meet your environment’s specific needs. FASTest offers fast, accurate testing of issuer and acquirer processing for ISO 8583 formats; and for testing transactions, card types, and terminals for an ATM or POS network.

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Intelligent, Customizable Testing from Your Desktop

Start testing using off-the-shelf scenarios delivered in FASTestor customize tests to suit your needs. Import your own transactions (from your production system, or from unit testing of a terminal). Test all message types: requests, replies, reversals, logons and logoffs, handshakes, and key changes. Test processing during business date cutovers. Override or validate field-level data. Conduct message validation that not only verifies that required values appear in messages, but also that prohibited values do not. Perform end-to-end testing of “not-on-us” transactions. Dynamically manage encryption keys and encrypt PIN data—including full support of Triple DES and EMV transactions. 

Comprehensive Testing Beyond the Limits of Your Test Lab

Expand your test capabilities beyond the limits of the test cards, simulation stations, or terminals you have available in your lab. Use a card reader to import your test cards (or simply type card data) into FASTest’s card database. Test using various magnetic stripe and EMV cards, including physical cards, virtual cards and contactless cards. Simulate a variety of ATMs—including Diebold, NCR, Triton, Wincor and dial-up models—and a large number of network interfaces.

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Automated Testing Enabled Through Your Enterprise Test Management System

Upload your test transactions and test results into enterprise test management tools, such as Micro Focus ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), HP Quality Center, or others. Run pre-scheduled tests automatically–24/7. Verify tests by replaying them, then comparing results from previous tests. Use FASTest’s result logs to document your testing, and optionally use them with FILEgen to create offline data files to test your settlement and reconciliation processing. 

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