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ATM Simulators Improve Channel Performance

Testing with simulated ATMs enables users to quickly and easily test a variety of scenarios, including features and faults that are difficult to test with physical ATMs. Using simulators means faster, more thorough testing and shorter delivery cycles

ATMulator Plus allows testers to create states-and-screens configurations, preview ATM screens, and simulate the entire transaction flow from their workstation - no need to stand in front of an ATM in the lab with a stack of plastic cards.

ATMulator Plus will reduce contention for test lab resources by enabling users to build and test ATM configurations for multiple terminal types - including NCR and Diebold Nixdorf.

Realistic ATM Simulation

ATMulator Plus lets users preview ATM screens on a PC or laptop - including screens that contain audio or full-motion video. Users can quickly make and test ATM configuration changes at their desk or workstation.

Using the simulator, testers can “push” ATM buttons, listen to voice guidance narrative, monitor state flows, review receipts, and simulate host responses, as well as validate language support, other account responses, and not-on-us flows.

ATMulator Plus supports multiple languages, graphics and screen animations, as well as text-to-speech and audio files for visually impaired customers.


Complete Management of States-and-Screens Data

ATMulator Plus combines ATM simulation capabilities with the states-and-screens configuration capabilities of ConfigBuilder. With ATMulator Plus, users can log the complete customer flow, including state and buffer data, screen images, receipts, and journal data (including host responses such as OAR screens and error responses).

The simulator can also be used to record each step in a transaction and play these back to verify the interaction of the state, screen, and FIT entries. Users can quickly match graphics to screens, screens to screens and screens to states.

What Our Clients Say

Paragon software allows us to do quicker and more accurate testing. We can set up as many test scripts as we want and use them multiple times as needed. We can also easily make updates to our ATM screens and test the entire transaction flow prior to uploading the configuration files to the ATM.
Vice President
Regional Bank, North America
Paragon solutions save us time and money by allowing our developers to test changes to our ATM processing at their workstation. Paragon has always been helpful and seems more like a partner than a vendor.
Programming Manager
Regional Bank, North America
We can review the ATM configuration flow and exclude all unnecessary states and screens so we don’t load them, which has saved us time and money. We can also quickly test how numerous response codes are seen on the ATM screen.
Department Head
ATM Processor, Europe
Paragon’s ATMulator helped us quickly develop and implement a new enhanced ATM configuration, and FASTress provided the opportunity for us to determine, prior to production deployment, if our transaction authorization host could meet our processing needs.
Program Manager
Tier One Bank, North America

Our Products

Paragon's product portfolio includes server-based and cloud-enabled solutions designed for large-scale implementations, as well as desktop applications suitable for smaller deployments.