ATMulator Plus

Desktop ATM Simulation and States-and-Screens Configuration

ATMulator+Create states-and-screens ATM configurations, preview ATM screens, and simulate the entire transaction flow—without ATMs, test cards, or lab time. Testing with simulated ATMs enables you to test scenarios that were not possible previously resulting in faster, more thorough testing and smoother implementation.

Reduce contention for test lab resources by accessing virtual ATMs from your desk. Build and test ATM configurations for multiple terminal types—including NCR, Diebold, and Wincor—with point-and-click ease. Simulation provides even more visibility into your configuration data than performing transactions at a real ATM.  Easily recreate any ATM fault using the device fault wizard—just point-and-click. Verify your host monitoring and test the systems that you use to dispatch service technicians to ATMs.

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Accurate, Realistic ATM Simulation

ATMulator Plus lets you preview ATM screens on your PC exactly as your customers see them at your ATMs in the field—even those including full-motion video and audio.

Quickly make and test ATM configuration changes from your desk. Support visually impaired users by adding text-to-speech and audio files. Add multiple languages. Add graphics, MPEGs, and animation. You can “push” ATM buttons, listen to voice guidance narrative, monitor state flow, review receipts, and simulate host responses, as well as validate language support, other account responses, not-on-us flows, and more.

Complete Management of States and Screens Data

ATMulator Plus combines the ATM simulation capabilities of ATMulator with the advanced states-and-screens configuration capabilities of ConfigBuilder. With ATMulator Plus, you can log the complete customer flow, including state and buffer data, screen images, receipts, and journal data (host responses such as OAR screens, and error responses). Record each step in a transaction and play it back to verify the interaction of the state, screen and FIT entries.

Using automated analysis of configuration files, you can quickly match graphics to screens, screens to screens (nested screens), and screens to states. Armed with this data, you can eliminate unused screens and states.

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Support for New Technologies

Increase your productivity when adding new and innovative technologies. Test with virtual EMV chip cards with visibility into internal chip data, including security keys. Test EMV script processing and view results. Implement envelope-free deposits of cash and checks. Dispense multiple currencies.