More than 25 years ago, Paragon founded a company with a mission to serve our clients by providing simulation, configuration, and testing solutions for increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency—and backing those solutions with exemplary customer service. Having served more than 600 clients worldwide, including global payment brands, merchant acquirers, payment processors, retailers and banks; our payments testing solutions have evolved from PC-based to cloud-based, from single users to enterprisebut our mission has not changed. We are partners in your successful management of continual change across the payments landscape, protecting your brand with payments testing solutions that ensure your systems are reliable, functional, and secure.

Web FASTest™

Enterprise solution for anytime, anywhere cloud-based payments testing. Automate testing of end-to-end financial message processing, brand/network certification, system performance, or settlement using a single solution offering centralized control of user access and test data. Use Web FASTest’s API to include tests in your data integration strategy. Extend Web FASTest with VirtualATM for automated ATM testing.

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Virtualization of Advanced Function ATMs for incomparably accurate simulation with complete visibility into the ATM software stack. Preview ATM screens, receipts, and transaction flows. Test faults and error conditions. Built on Web FASTest, VirtualATM offers automated testing anytime, anywhere with cloud-based control of user access and test data.

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ATMulator Plus®

Desktop app for configuration and simulation of States-and-Screens-based ATMs. Configure ATM states and buffers, design and preview ATM screens, test transaction flows, and create the ATM load file—without ATMs, test cards, or lab time.

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Desktop app for automated QA and regression testing of ATM/POS formats, or for brand/network certification. Customize test scenarios, and run unattended testing through the app or through integration with your test management system.

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Desktop app for system performance testing. Emulate each device in your network including ATMs and POS devices, switch issuers, and acquirers. Dynamically increase or decrease transactions per second (TPS) or change the number of active connections. Measure overall system capacity and identify bottlenecks.

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