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by Steve Gilde on 18 December 2018

Payments Testing 2018: Year in Review

Where does the time go? 

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Payments Testing, Automation, Risk

by Steve Gilde on 4 December 2018

Financial Services in Turmoil: Who Can We Trust?

It was another bad week for in the press for the financial services industry, which means it was also another bad week for consumers (i.e. you and...

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Risk, Payments Testing

by Steve Gilde on 16 October 2018

Employee Ghosting: Another Case for Automating Payments Testing

Just as we get ready for the scariest time of the year here in the US, the Paragon team finds that we have already been ghosted. At least we think...

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Risk, Payments Testing, ATM Testing, Automation

by Steve Gilde on 2 October 2018

How Your Organization Can Withstand the TEST of Time

Just a few more words about the recent Diebold Nixdorf TAGxPIX event before we move on…

Near the end of the session, the DN team asked me if I...

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Innovation, Automation, Payments Testing, Risk

by Steve Gilde on 26 June 2018

Outages in the Payments Ecosystem: Keys to Managing Complex Systems

A couple of high profile system failures back in the news this week. 

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Payments Testing, Automation, Risk

by Steve Gilde on 19 June 2018

ATM Fault Testing: Leveraging Virtualization Reduces Risk

Henry Ford is reputed to have said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Having been around the payments business for...

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ATM Testing, Virtualization, Risk

by Daniel Carnes on 30 November 2017

In the Digital World, the 7 Advantages of DevOps Are Key to Survival

The digital revolution in the financial services industry, among others, is driven by a need for speed. The introduction of digital products and...

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