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by Steve Gilde on 21 August 2018

More ATM Industry Turmoil: Diebold Nixdorf in the Crosshairs

Less than two hours after I posted my last blog expressing concern about the health and well-being of the ATM industry, news hit that Diebold...

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ATM Testing, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 14 August 2018

ATM 3.0: Time for Real Change

An interesting piece was published on last week about the business of cash. And, it seems the marketplace is still somewhat bullish on...

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ATM Testing, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 7 August 2018

Testing Center of Excellence: A Mission (Not So) Impossible for Financial Institutions

“Good morning Ethan. It's been widely reported in the press, through research papers and by industry analysts that consumers across the globe have...

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ATM Testing, Payments Testing, Automation, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 12 June 2018

Next Gen ATMs: Could This Be Your Last Windows Upgrade?

Anyone interested or involved with the ATM industry is certainly aware of the impending demise of Windows 7. The official end of support date for...

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ATM Testing, Innovation

by Richard Buckle on 13 November 2017

Protecting the Brand: Financial Institutions Turn to Paragon to Automate Product Testing to Keep Them Flexible

Whether it’s the gifted professional dancers in popular television shows or the movements of Olympic gymnasts, there is a lot to be said about...

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Payments Testing, Automation, Agile, Innovation

by Michael Carter on 2 November 2017

Payment Security: Where Innovation and Collaboration Meet

The payments industry has invested a significant amount of time and resources enabling EMV over the past several years. The effort has paid...

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Payments Testing, Innovation

by Steve Gilde on 2 May 2017

Banking Technology: The Disconnect Between FIs and The Customer

My big bank has been in some trouble recently. Big trouble. This bank got to be my big bank by buying up lots of small and medium-sized banks,...

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ATM Testing, Innovation

by Michael Carter on 29 March 2017

Financial Service Providers: Build a Solid Team to Support the Brand

The importance of what financial services (FinServ) providers do cannot be overstated. Banks, credit unions, processors, acquirers, issuers and...

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