Putting Modern Payment Technologies to the Test

Posted by Mobile Payments Today on December 14, 2018

In this featured article, our Director of Product Marketing, Steve Gilde, provides insight on why payment providers must evolve their testing to support the current wide variety of digital payment options.

The world has sped up exponentially over the past decade. Thanks to the many advances made in our modern digital age, consumers can see more, be more and accomplish more than ever before. Take holiday shopping for instance, what used to take long and draining days at the mall can now be accomplished in a few hours on the couch.

Consumers expect convenience in all aspects of their daily life. They enjoy buying what they want, when they want it and have grown accustomed to the ease of having an Uber arrive at their doorstep or seeing groceries delivered to their house with just a few taps or swipes on their phones. They prioritize convenience and hold the same expectations for payment providers; they want to be able to pay for anything, anywhere. If a payment provider can’t support consumers’ desired ways to pay and provide them with a frictionless experience that will not crash or fail, there is no doubt that consumers will find another provider that does. One can have the most sophisticated payments systems available, but if they are not tested properly and fail once, they’ll see high levels of abandonment.

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