Payments Innovation Requires Smarter Testing

Posted by Kiosk Marketplace on May 30, 2018

In this featured article, our Director of Product Marketing, Steve Gilde, provides insight on why payment innovation requires smarter testing.

Convenience and speed have become consumers' universal baseline expectation for their payment experience, as they expect to be able to pay for just about anything, at any time or anywhere. They can order ahead and pay at fine dining restaurants, request a ride home in a matter of minutes from a nearby Uber, or purchase a last minute gift from Amazon to arrive promptly on their doorstep that same day. And, in the not too distant future, these Amazon deliveries may perhaps even be completed by a drone. 

Payment technology continues to rapidly evolve to meet these increasingly sophisticated and immediate consumer demands. New innovations like voice payments, contactless cards and wearables are intended to make electronic payments even easier and more frictionless. These alternative payments will continue to drive adoption among self-service and payment providers, disrupting the industry one transaction at a time and setting the stage for even further innovation.

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