Mobile Pay Testing Doesn't Belong on the Back Burner

Posted by Payments Source on November 29, 2017

"Antiquated testing strategies result in code being deployed with a variety of vulnerabilities and bugs, which is especially dangerous given the current payment landscape of expanding endpoints, consumer devices and payment apps." Read more from our own Chief Technology Officer, Mark Medlin, on why mobile pay testing is crucial.

Payment options have multiplied and significantly increased in sophistication. As new digital channels emerge on the scene, the choices available for how to pay will only continue to become more numerous and complex.

Despite this evolution in payments, a recent global CapGemini survey revealed that 47% of organizations don’t have the right process or method to test mobile applications, and 46% lack the proper tools.

Instead of investing in updated payment techniques, many financial service providers continue to rely on dated methods that were developed in the 1980s. These methods typically involve quality assurance (QA) staff manually leveraging desktop tools to conduct isolated tests in physical labs. These tests may take anywhere from four to six hours to set up, and only around 30 seconds to run, resulting in steep overhead and labor costs.

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