Face-to-Face at ATMIA 2018: Still the Best Social Media

Posted by Steve Gilde on January 29, 2018

The Paragon team has everything in readiness for the ATMIA 2018 show coming up next week in Las Vegas.

We are a proud sponsor of ATMIA and the annual conference is a great opportunity to meet with our peers, make new connections and engage with the thought leaders who are driving discussions on current industry issues and shaping the future for the next generation of ATMs.

The theme for the conference this year, Innovate and Succeed, seems especially relevant.  Having been around the business since the dawn of time (well the early 1980’s anyway), it is hard to recall a time when there was so much activity and change taking place around the ATM channel.

Paragon recently completed our own internal planning sessions for 2018 and the number of key industry topics and trends to track is extensive.  Here are some of the items that came from our whiteboard sessions:

  • Mobile Everything
  • Contactless Cards
  • Alternative Payments and Digital Currencies
  • Real-time Payments
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Security, Fraud and Risk Management
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SaaS & Cloud-Based Testing

And, of course, we have the 800-pound gorilla in the room to deal with this year: Windows 10 upgrade. While we have our own set of hot topics, we know that every organization is different and will have their own watch list for 2018. The ATMIA conference is a perfect opportunity for us to listen and learn what the rest of the industry thinks is important and what they are doing about it.

For those attending the event, we would love to have you stop by booth 500 and discuss your thoughts and plans.

If Windows 10 is indeed one of your hot topics, we will be demonstrating our VirtualATM solution and discussing strategies for dealing with the upcoming migration. VirtualATM is a part of our suite of Next Generation testing applications that are designed and built specifically to help our clients deal with the ongoing evolution of the ATM channel.

Like Las Vegas, our industry has become a place of constant change where we truly need to innovate to succeed.

For those of you who cannot attend the ATMIA event, I will try to share interesting and relevant information while at the conference and will plan to send out a recap after the session to highlight our key takeaways.

Topics: ATM Testing