ATM Operators' Focus on 'Day to Day' Puts Windows 10 Migration in Jeopardy

Posted by Payments Source on August 9, 2019

In this featured article, our Director of Product Marketing, Steve Gilde, shares tips and best practices for navigating the Windows 10 migration.

The final “end of support” deadline for Windows 7 continues to loom over the ATM industry. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide product support for the Windows 7 platform. That means no software updates, no security patches, no fixes or technical support for any issues.

Given that most organizations will enter their typical year-end freeze sometime before the busy 2019 holiday shopping season, there are only a few months left to complete the migration to Windows 10. Organizations that don’t complete their upgrade projects in time will face the prospect of having to sign up for an Extended Security Update (ESU) program with Microsoft. For those not familiar with how this works, the ESU program is available for up to three years from the official product end-of-support date and carries fees that double each year.

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