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One Platform Simulates All Your Payment Messages

Are you looking for a way to simulate all transaction messages that you process?

Paragon simulators provide fast and accurate testing of issuer and acquirer processing for a variety of ISO 8583, ATM, POS and Web Services formats - including ISO 20022.

We include sample test data for each licensed format, for both messages and transactions, allowing your developers and testers to quickly create the specific transactions required. We also deliver bitmap or template messages that you can use to create messages of specific message types, with all the required fields and processors included.

For each format, Paragon also provides an underlying set of data element (or field) definitions which can be used to build any number of financial messages, administrative messages and many more. This set of data element definitions is based on, and complies with, the latest technical specification from the particular network or issuer.

We provide complete flexibility to modify messages at the field and bit level in order to create custom financial transactions. For example, individual tag values in EMV data can be edited and updated. 

With each new software release, Paragon delivers the most up-to-date field dictionaries to ensure that your organization’s tests continue to meet the latest format specifications. 

Runtime Flexibility

Even with test data defined in a library of tests, your testers can still override values at runtime. With the ability to change an amount field or a currency code, your testers can modify tests in the library or modify the message when they are ready to run a test.

Message field constants can be saved on a test profile so that modifying a value for a set of tests only requires one change.


Organization and Collaboration

Paragon’s Web FASTest solution provides a centralized command and control infrastructure, allowing system administrators to easily control and manage user access, roles, permissions, and groups, as well as manage access to specific message formats, test scripts, cards, and other media.

Developers, testers, and QA resources are assigned specific privileges to use, copy, and modify sample test data, as well as create new messages or transactions from scratch.

Want to know which message formats are available?

The following is a list of the most commonly requested message formats available with our Web FASTest solution. Additional formats are available, and Paragon is continually developing new specifications to meet new customer and market requirements. 

  • American Express GNS
  • AS 2805
  • ATH (A Toda Hora Network)
  • BASE24 HISO 87
  • Blackhawk Network
  • Citi EBT (ISO)
  • CO-OP
  • Discover
  • eFunds
  • Fiserv EPOC HISO
  • Fiserv EPOC ANSI
  • Hypercom (ISO) POS Device Handler
  • Instant Cash
  • Interac Debit (IDP) and Cash (SCD)
  • ISO 20022 (Beta)
  • Jeanie
  • MAC
  • MASM
  • Mastercard DMS
  • Mastercard SMS
  • Mastercard Network Gateway Services (MNGS)
  • NYCE
  • Presto!
  • SPAN2 MBI - 'mada'
  • SPDH
  • STAR Northeast
  • STAR Southeast
  • UnionPay
  • Visa BASE I
  • Visa DPS
  • Visa SMS
  • Wright Express (WEX)
  • Xerox WIC (ISO)

ATM Formats

  • Diebold Nixdorf D912
  • NCR NDC+
  • Triton
  • Wincor NCR

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