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Testing as a Service: Taking Your Payments Testing to the Cloud

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The benefits of implementing a robust next-generation payments testing system are well-documented. Such systems greatly expand a company’s ability to cover a wide range of payments test case scenarios, spotting and fixing issues earlier in the process at a lower cost and before they cause customer impact. Next gen solutions also free testing personnel to focus on higher-value tasks, enabling products and features to be brought to market more rapidly. A detailed discussion of the benefits of next-gen payments testing can be found here.

Nonetheless, no two companies’ philosophies nor needs are identical. Some choose to outsource portions of their IT operations to lower costs while others want to manage their own IT needs directly to maximize control. Many early-stage firms introduce new features and enhancements to the market at a dizzying pace while mature companies with stable product sets may opt for more periodic updates. Regardless of the approach preferred, all would benefit from next-gen payments testing protocols.

The Benefits of Testing as a Service

One way for organizations to avail themselves of these next gen benefits is by adopting Testing as a Service (TaaS). This approach frees the IT shop from maintaining its own payments testing environment.

With this approach, the TaaS provider assumes the burden of keeping the payments testing platform current with all software updates and industry mandates; provides access to multiple financial message formats; and offers access to a test script library and comprehensive reporting packages to facilitate the analysis of test results.

At the same time, TaaS subscribers enjoy the same in-house solution benefits, including the ability to customize test case scenarios to whatever degree they desire, as well as the flexibility to collaborate and share routines across physical locations. Additionally, most payments TaaS environments are available 24/7.

Two Models, One Solid Outcome

TaaS solutions, such as the cloud-based version of Web FASTest offered by Paragon, are typically offered on a subscription basis, providing a predictable and usage-based cost structure. Firms with a preference for outsourcing or a less frequent need for payments testing may find TaaS to be a cost effective solution on an enterprise level. Paragon’s cloud version of Web FASTest provides the same core benefits as the version of Web FASTest that is deployed within a customer’s IT environment: faster time to market, higher-quality releases, greater scenario coverage and the freeing of testing personnel to focus on higher-value tasks. 

More information on Paragon’s Test Cloud, the TaaS version of Paragon’s Web FASTest, can be found here.

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