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Planning for ePayments Testing: It’s More Than Just Running Tests

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When organizations think about how to improve their testing, they often focus only on the “clicks”— or how to programmatically accomplish the perceived push-button process of ePayments testing. The personnel that are actually conducting the testing of ePayments systems know all too well that it involves a wide range of activities (including detailed preliminary research and planning), and that the time and effort required to conduct the tests likely represents only 10 percent of the entire testing process.

In fact, ePayments testing activity begins long before the test card is inserted into the test terminal. In the payments industry, most people believe ePayments testing only includes setting up terminals and regression or stress testing requirements, but the truth is that intense preparation and comprehensive research must occur before and after the test is executed.

To ensure your organization is effectively testing your ePayments systems, here’s a list of activities that are crucial in the ePayments testing landscape:

The Initial Phases of ePayments Testing:

  • Gain knowledge of an upcoming event that will require testing;
  • Find resources for more information about the event and the testing requirements; and
  • Create a test plan by identifying the threats and weaknesses to your processing environment that you want testing to address.

The Concluding Phases:

  • Collect, produce and archive empirical data from the ePayments test; and
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the testing as well as determine the meaning of the test results.

When preparing test terminals or ATMs, gathering test cards and setting up test data are integral parts in the ePayments testing process, and the initial planning for such tests is just as critical as the actual test execution. Developing an in-depth testing timeline can improve testing and can reduce an organization’s overall risks or losses. For a more in-depth review of the ePayments testing planning process, download our white paper, It’s Not About the Clicks: Understanding the Other 90% of ePayments Testing Activity.

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