Aggressive payments testing schedules are required to meet go live dates driving the need for quick testing turnaround times. Paragon has been helping organizations address these conditions for more than a decade. Our products are designed specifically to address the variables you face every day.

Paragon payments testing solutions allow you to:

Case Studies

CSFi (US) Uses Paragon Solutions for 17 Years of Feature-Rich ATM Configuration Development

INTERPRO Speeds ATM Configuration Development with Paragon’s ConfigBuilder

FirstBank Speeds ATM Configuration Development with Paragon ConfigBuilder

Paragon Software Eases EMV Migration for The Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (Knet)

Evertec Uses Solutions from Paragon Application Systems to Implement EMV

Bank Mandiri Benchmarks HP Nonstop Blade Performance with Paragon FASTress

Multicarta Licenses Paragon Software for End-to-End ePayment System Testing

Banelco Reduces Testing Time using Paragon Software

Industry Insights

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