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Paragon VirtualATM
- XFS Simulation and ATM Testing Solution

Advance Function ATMs present their own challenges for testing—generally requiring hours standing in front of an ATM terminal. Paragon VirtualATM is a cloud based payments testing solution that solves this challege by using the ATM’s own operating environment, such as Diebold’s AGILIS, NCR’s APTRA Edge, or Wincor’s ProCash, and allowing remote testing of the entire ATM software stack. VirtualATM simulates the ATM’s hardware devices, such as PIN pads, Cash Dispensers and more.

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Webinar On Implementing EMV At The ATM

ATMulator Plus
- ATM Simulation, Configuration, Testing

As ATMs evolve from cash dispensers to a channel for delivering value-added services, your customers expect personalization, payments, phone cards, and more. Creating and testing ATM configurations to take advantage of state-of-the-industry services is challenging. Implement these advanced functions faster and test them more thoroughly and conveniently—from your desktop—with ATMulator Plus.

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Web FASTest
- Cloud-based Payment Testing Solution On-Demand Worldwide

With increasing globalization, payment networks, card associations, major financial institutions and merchant processors resources may be deployed in different locations—even continents. Continual changes in payments demand rigorous testing despite logistical issues such as multiple time zones, a shortage of network certification personnel, or limited access to a local test lab.

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- ATM, ISO, EFT and POS Simulation and Automted End-to-End Payments Testing

Your dynamic processing environment requires constant testing. Certifying with switches, connecting to credit or debit card processors; adding ATMs or POS terminals; or enhancing host software—all demand that you test quickly and completely. But testing is often time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Lab time must be scheduled and test equipment is limited. Expand your options and improve your efficiency by testing from your PC using FASTest’s automated tests, easily customized to meet your environment’s specific needs.

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- ATM and Payments Performance Testing

Determining your system capacity is critical when you are updating your transaction system, adding new ATM or POS devices, merging an acquired network, adding new transactions or changing your switch. The last thing you want is to have your users experience delays or denied transactions because your system is overloaded. Measure overall system capacity and identify bottlenecks, so you don’t experience them in production, with FASTress.

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- Batch File Generation from Online Payment Test Data

Testing ePayment batch processing is just as important as testing online processing. Batch processing specialists face the same issues with network mandates and system changes as their online counterparts. Typically, though, batch testing is on hold until online testing completes—because batch testing requires offline data files that include meaningful transaction data. Delays during online testing lead to abbreviated offline testing, poor data samples mean some scenarios aren’t tested at all—and less testing means more things can go wrong.

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- ATM Configuration

Making and testing design changes to your Diebold, NCR or Wincor ATMs can be risky and time consuming. Paragon’s ConfigBuilder™ is a Windows®-based graphical development tool that allows you to easily create, test and maintain ATM configuration files and to create load files—the files that control the displays that banking customerssee at your ATMs.

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